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232451 THEVERGE 2022-5-25:
Dyson eyes robots that can do your household chores
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232382 ARSTECHNICA 2022-5-25:
Sick of picking up toys? Dyson’s future home robots want to do it for you
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232457 THEVERGE 2022-5-25:
NY State is giving out hundreds of robots as companions for the elderly
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ServiceNow powers hybrid work with indoor mapping
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Agora rebrands to Kojo as it expands construction procurement
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232649 ARSTECHNICA 2022-5-28:
Sony accelerates push into car sector in diversification drive
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Stellantis picks Indiana for its $2.5 billion EV battery factory with Samsung
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Dial M for more power, more handling: The 2023 BMW iX M60, tested
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Scientists grow cells on a robot skeleton (but don’t know what to do with them yet)
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Salesforce advances open-source Merlion project for time-series ML analysis
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How AI-based digital twins accelerate point-of-sale (POS) testing
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Microsoft is making a native Arm version of Visual Studio 2022 and a mini PC
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Vultr brings GPU options to a wider audience
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David B. Stewart hired as Travelshift CEO
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Bringing digital twins to boost pharmaceutical manufacturing
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How a semiconductor metaverse could accelerate chip innovation
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Elemental Machines adds LabOps scheduling
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Rocket Report: Meet the Gravity-1 rocket; will Starship really cut launch costs?
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Nvidia details plans to transform data centers into AI factories
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Microsoft AI news: Making AI easier, simpler, more responsible
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Apple’s secretive car project loses yet another top executive
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AI reskilling: A solution to the worker crisis
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Bose’s noise-canceling QuietComfort 45 headphones are $50 off today
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How will AI be used ethically in the future? AI Responsibility Lab has a plan
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232559 ARSTECHNICA 2022-5-26:
Broadcom will pay $61 billion to become the latest company to acquire VMware
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ID: 232451


Date: 2022-05-25

Dyson eyes robots that can do your household chores

Dyson has shown off a series of prototype robots its developing, and announced plans to hire hundreds of engineers over the next five years in order to build robots capable of household chores. The images are designed to show off the fine motor skills of the machines, with arms capable of lifting plates out of a drying rack, vacuuming a sofa, or lifting up a childrens toy. The company, best known for its range of vacuum cleaners, says that it aims to develop an autonomous device capable of household chores and other tasks, with The Guardian noting that such a device could be released by 2030. It comes over half a decade after the company released its first robotic device, the Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum cleaner, in 2014. Dyson has long emphasized its interest in AI and robotics to underpin its future products. The announcement was made to coincide with the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Philadelphia, and serve as a recruitment tool with a prominent Start your Dyson career link placed near the top of Dysons press release. The company says its in the midst of the largest engineering recruitment drive in its history. Its currently recruiting 250 robotics engineers with expertise in computer vision, machine learning, sensors and mechatronics, and hopes to hire 700 more over the next five years. Dyson says its already added 2,000 new employees to its workforce this year. As well as making hires, the company is also building out what it hopes will be the UKs largest robotics research center, The Guardian reports. The center will be based at Hullavington Airfield near the companys existing design center in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, where its refitting an aircraft hanger where 250 roboticists will work. The site had previously been earmarked for development of Dysons electric car, before the project was canceled in 2019. Research will also take place in a lab in London, as well as at the companys global headquarters in Singapore. This is a big bet on future robotic technology that will drive research across the whole of Dyson, in areas including mechanical engineering, vision systems, machine learning and energy storage, said Jake Dyson, the companys chief engineer and son of company founder James Dyson. In 2020, Dyson announced plans to invest £2.75 billion (around $3.45 billion) in areas including robotics, new motor tech, and machine learning software by 2025. It plans to spend £600 million (around $750 million) of that investment this year.