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232445 THEVERGE 2022-5-24:
Judge rules Tesla can’t hide behind arbitration in sexual harassment case
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232466 ARSTECHNICA 2022-5-24:
Judge: Tesla can’t force alleged sexual harassment victim into arbitration
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Twitter shareholder sues Elon Musk for tanking the company’s stock
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Lawsuit: Musk manipulated Twitter stock price in attempt to renegotiate sale
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SEC questions Elon Musk over late Twitter disclosure
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Musk-linked investor resigns from Twitter board, then returns
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Twitter to hide misleading tweets under new crisis response policy
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Apple’s secretive car project loses yet another top executive
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Stellantis pleads guilty, will pay $300 million over allegations of emissions fraud
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Apple VP discourages retail workers from joining a union in leaked video
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Hyundai and Kia recall nearly 20,000 Ioniq 5s, EV6s
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Lucid Motors issues recall for some Lucid Air EVs over faulty instrument display wiring
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Tesla, other EV companies ask for federal investment in heavy-duty truck charging
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Judges block Florida law that says Facebook and Twitter can’t ban politicians
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Apple boosts employee pay as workers attempt to organize
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Prominent ex-Tesla self-driving car exec leaves Apple for greener pastures
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The four-day work week is coming: Here's what it could mean for you
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CDC presumes community spread of monkeypox; 9 cases now in 7 states
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A wild Pokémon-themed Galaxy Buds case has appeared
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Sixth child in US dies of unexplained hepatitis as global cases top 600
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Shining a light on equal pay and the wage gap
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The real star of The Gray Man’s first trailer is Chris Evans’ evil ‘trash stache’
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Democrats say Google must curb location tracking before Roe repeal
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Twitter pays $150M fine for using two-factor login details to target ads
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232498 VENTUREBEAT 2022-5-23:
Experts highlight how automated decision-making can violate GDPR
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ID: 232445


Date: 2022-05-24

Judge rules Tesla can’t hide behind arbitration in sexual harassment case

A lawsuit that accuses Tesla of fostering a workplace with rampant sexual harassment will continue in court after a California judge denied the companys motion for arbitration, as first reported by Bloomberg. Although the female worker who brought up the case signed an arbitration agreement at Tesla, terminating her rights to sue, Alameda County Superior Court Judge Stephen Kaus still moved forward with the decision on Monday. Jessica Barraza filed the lawsuit last year, claiming she was subject to catcalling, lewd comments, and inappropriate touching while working as a production associate at Teslas Fremont, California factory. At least seven more female workers have since come forward with sexual harassment complaints, with some alleging that Tesla CEO Elon Musks suggestive tweets only made it worse. In a copy of the court documents viewed by The Verge, Judge Kaus said Barraza was ambushed by Teslas arbitration policies, as Tesla didnt give any indication that she would have to agree to arbitrate employment claims and give up her right to a jury trial. As Bloomberg points out, President Joe Biden signed a bill in March that ends forced arbitration in sexual assault cases, but because this case began before the bill became law, it doesnt apply. This is a victory for public accountability, David Lowe, Barrazas attorney said in a statement. Because of this ruling, Tesla will not be able to hide behind the closed doors of confidential arbitration. Instead, Tesla will be judged by a jury of Ms. Barrazas peers in a public courtroom. The ruling comes as Musk faces sexual misconduct allegations of his own, which came to light in a recent report from Insider. During a corporate flight, Musk allegedly exposed himself to a female flight attendant and gave her an ultimatum to perform a sexual act. SpaceX reportedly gave the attendant a $250,000 severance agreement after she brought the complaint to management. Musk and his team have vehemently denied the accusations, with SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell calling the allegations false in a company-wide email to employees. Musk himself said the accusations are utterly untrue. Musk has also claimed that the piece was written to interfere with the Twitter aquisition, which he had previously placed on hold over a dispute about the measurement of automated accounts.