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224076 ZDNET 2022-1-13:
Gartner's latest figures show 10% boost in 2021 PC sales, despite slowing fourth quarter
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224046 ZDNET 2022-1-12:
Canalys: 2021 PC shipments grew 15%, 2022 expected to be even stronger
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223668 TECHREPUBLIC 2022-1-12:
Global PC shipments hit highest volume since 2012
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224004 ZDNET 2022-1-14:
Strong demand for 5nm chips sees TSMC deliver solid Q4 results
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224319 ZDNET 2022-1-17:
Wesfarmers says COVID-19 disrupts H1 operations but bumps up online sales
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224276 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-17:
Fast Growing RegTech SteelEye Reports 88% Growth In 2021
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223894 ZDNET 2022-1-11:
Back Market receives new funding as refurbished electronics market grows
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223647 ARSTECHNICA 2022-1-12:
God of War on PC delivers nearly everything we’d hoped for
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224027 ZDNET 2022-1-12:
Brazilian IT sector sees growth amid COVID-19 crisis
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223964 ARSTECHNICA 2022-1-13:
TSMC invests in new capacity despite forecasts chip demand will ease
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223650 ZDNET 2022-1-12:
Adobe: $204 billion spent online during 2021 holiday season, 38 days saw $3 billion in spending
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223932 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-12:
Report: Labor market and talent gap cause tech recruiters to consider streamlining their practices
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223823 ZDNET 2022-1-10:
Apple: Developers have made more than $260 billion in the App Store
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223986 THEVERGE 2022-1-13:
Tesla delays Cybertruck to early 2023, says report
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223885 ZDNET 2022-1-11:
Cybersecurity: Last year was a record year for attacks, and Log4j made it worse
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223917 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-14:
B2B data platform raises $7M to help enterprises sell more
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224321 ZDNET 2022-1-17:
DHL, Microsoft, WhatsApp top phishing list of most imitated brands
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223816 ZDNET 2022-1-10:
Here's what analysts expect from chip shortages in 2022
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223947 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-13:
Highspot raises $248M to bolster sales enablement using AI
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223798 TECHREPUBLIC 2022-1-10:
Weekly cyberattacks jumped by 50% in 2021, with a peak in December due largely to the Log4J exploit
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224291 ZDNET 2022-1-16:
Deal alert: Lenovo's $300 Chromebook tablet is still discounted to $99
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223750 ZDNET 2022-1-11:
Chinese companies surged in 2021 US patent issuance rankings
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223906 THEVERGE 2022-1-14:
Apple’s long-in-the-works VR / AR headset may not launch until 2023
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223791 ZDNET 2022-1-11:
HP Spectre x360 16 (2021) review: A high-quality 16-inch convertible with a superb OLED screen
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223993 ARSTECHNICA 2022-1-13:
2021 obeyed physics, was one of the warmest years on record
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ID: 224076


Date: 2022-01-13

Gartner's latest figures show 10% boost in 2021 PC sales, despite slowing fourth quarter

The company is banking on the Q4 2021 slowdown as the bellwether that many have been predicting will foretell the end of pandemic-driven PC sales growth. Gartner's latest measurement of global PC sales saw a 10% spike in total shipments during the 2021 calendar year, despite a fourth-quarter drop of 5% year over year. This decline marked the first negative movement after six consecutive quarters of growth brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic.  The best laptops: Our recommended models for every use case and platform New year, new laptop? These are the devices that should be at or near the top of your shortlist. Read More According to the measurement company, a total of 339.8 million PCs were shipped in 2021, compared to 2020's 309.1 million.  The biggest seller was once again Lenovo, which accounted for 84 million shipments and 24.7% of the market. It was followed by HP at 74.2 million (21.8% share) and Dell in third with 59.7 million (17.6% share). Apple and Acer were neck-and-neck for fourth and fifth place, respectively. Apple moved 25.9 million units (7.6% share), while Acer shipped 24.3 million (7.2% share). Lastly, sixth-place Asus sold 21.7 million (6.4% share).  Despite every one of these entrants having enjoyed significant shipment growth for the full year, Lenovo, HP, and Acer all saw their shipments decline, year over year, for the fourth quarter. Gartner placed the blame for this on "ongoing supply chain issues and the collapse in demand for Chromebooks." It went on to predict that this quarterly downturn "likely signifies the end of the massive and unexpected growth in PC demand triggered by the pandemic."  This prognostication is in sharp contrast to Canalys' recent take, which included expectations of continual, strong growth for the PC market in 2022 on the back of premium offerings.  It is worth noting that the fourth quarter that triggered Gartner's more pessimistic outlook was far worse for PC makers when the scope of its measurement is limited to the US. Domestic PC sales plummeted for some makers there, with Acer seeing a staggering 40% dropoff from their Q4 2020 numbers. Lenovo and HP were far behind with 35.8% and 34.8% declines, respectively. Only Apple showed year-over-year growth in the US for the fourth quarter, raising its shipments by 6.7%.  Only time will tell whether Gartner's discouraging analysis of Q4 2021 performance or Canalys' more optimistic outlook proves to be the better prognostication.