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224021 ZDNET 2022-1-13:
High Fidelity invests in Second Life to expand virtual world
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223950 THEVERGE 2022-1-13:
Second Life joins the metaverse discussion with the return of its founder — and some key patents
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224005 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-14:
The metaverse will be buzzing in 2022
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224227 TECHREPUBLIC 2022-1-14:
Deloitte launches Dimension10 Studio to build metaverse experiences with AR, VR, IoT and 5G
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224164 ARSTECHNICA 2022-1-17:
Report: Apple’s first AR/VR headset faces delays
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224240 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-14:
A deep dive into the visual collaboration market
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223928 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-12:
How Deutsche Telekom is creating real connection virtually for its remote workforce
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224141 TECHREPUBLIC 2022-1-17:
Try on LeBron's jersey with 3D shopping experience built by Hexa, Microsoft and Snapchat
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224297 ZDNET 2022-1-14:
Apple may postpone plans for VR/AR headset debut
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223759 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-11:
Workplace management platform Envoy nabs $111M to power the hybrid workforce
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223751 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-11:
Novo Raises $90M to Reimagine Small Businesses Checking Accounts
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223968 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-13:
HeyRenee raises $4.4M to give patients a virtual healthcare assistant
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223929 TECHREPUBLIC 2022-1-13:
How was my pitch, Jenny? Zoom's venture fund invests in conversational AI platform
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223943 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-12:
3 great companies that are hiring right now
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223702 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-10:
Following Years of Record Growth, IL MAKIAGE Receives $130 Million Investment at $1.5 Billion Valuation
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223747 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-11:
PassiveLogic, which creates digital twins of buildings, lands $34M
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223919 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-14:
The biggest takeaways from the pandemic for event marketing leaders (VB Live)
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223982 TECHREPUBLIC 2022-1-14:
5 augmented reality tools improving patient care
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223894 ZDNET 2022-1-11:
Back Market receives new funding as refurbished electronics market grows
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223643 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-12:
Second Nature raises $12.5M to coach salespeople with AI-powered avatars
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223705 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-10:
Polycarbin Comes out of Stealth, Raising $2M from Ringbolt Capital and VoLo Earth Ventures to Decarbonize the Life Science and Healthcare Sector
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223945 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-13:
The Future of Work Summit: How PwC is helping companies leap into the digital breach
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223914 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-14:
pmdtechnologies Announces Second Generation 3D ToF Depth-Sensing Development Kit
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223764 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-11:
eternalHealth Raises $10 Million Series A Funding After Initial $10 Million in Seed Financing in Summer
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224064 ZDNET 2022-1-13:
How can tech companies commemorate MLK Day?
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ID: 224021


Date: 2022-01-13

High Fidelity invests in Second Life to expand virtual world

The goal is to breathe new life into the 19-year-old platform. VR and AR: The Business Reality Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are going to be useful for far more than just gaming. We explore the ways the technology will be used for training, marketing, product design, and much more. Read More As the "mixed reality" concept of the metaverse gains steam, one of the first virtual reality (VR) worlds is making a significant comeback thanks to a new investment. On Thursday, High Fidelity announced an investment in Linden Research, Inc. (Linden Lab) to scale Second Life's popular virtual world further. Philip Rosedale, the founder of both companies who is considered a metaverse pioneer, said he would be rejoining Second Life as a strategic advisor to aid in the expansion. "No one has come close to building a virtual world like Second Life," Rosedale said in a statement. "Second Life has managed to create both a positive, enriching experience for its residents -- with room for millions more to join -- and built a thriving subscription-based business at the same time. Virtual worlds don't need to be dystopias. " High Fidelity's investment into Second Life includes a cash investment and distributed computing patents. Rosedale told CNET in an interview that two of the patents would be "decentralized environment patents." Second Life has been around since 2003 and peaked in 2007 with 1.1 million active monthly users. However, its user numbers have recently begun to grow again, and the virtual world is approaching 1 million monthly active users, according to a Linden Lab spokesperson. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform saw a significant growth spurt and people spending more time at home, especially in its virtual economy. The spokesperson told ZDNet that the platform has an annual gross domestic product (GDP) of $650 million and that more than $80 million was paid to Residents in 2020 for a variety of virtual goods and services. Overall, the virtual space saw about a 30-40% increase in GDP and about a 20% increase in concurrency since the pandemic's start. While the metaverse itself is nothing new and was coined by the author by Neal Stephenson in the 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash, the metaverse has seen a recent resurgence. In particular, Big Tech companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) are proposing the metaverse to be a place where people virtually interact with each other using VR and augmented reality (AR) tools. However, what's different about Second Life compared to the "new" metaverse Meta is trying to create is that it uses a 3D browsing software called SL Viewer rather than only requiring a VR headset. Rosedale told CNET that he does not see Second Life moving solely onto a headset until better hardware arrives and that the virtual world serves much better as a "VR-optional" platform.