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223925 THEVERGE 2022-1-13:
Google calls for new government action to protect open-source software projects
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Log4j: Google and IBM call for list of critical open source projects
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After Log4j, White House fears the next big open source vulnerability
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For security alone, we could try paying open source projects properly
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When open-source developers go bad
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Wireshark creator joins Sysdig to extend it to cloud security
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EVerest: The open source software stack for EV charging infrastructure
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Device42 aims to identify Log4j vulnerabilities
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Developer sabotages his own apps, then claims Aaron Swartz was murdered
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IBM, Clemson, Linux Foundation join forces for sustainable crop information platform
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Attack Surface Management: Where is the market going?
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The rise of the CISO: The escalation in cyberattacks makes this role increasingly important
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Google hired union-busting consultants to convince employees “unions suck”
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Best online doctorate in project management degrees 2022: Top picks
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Sverica Capital Management Announces the Promotions of Michael Dougherty to Principal and Doug Patrican to Vice President
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KCodes NetUSB kernel remote code execution flaw impacts millions of devices
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SAP supply chains need zero trust to reach enterprise cybersecurity
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Google Meet calls get live translated captions
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Google fixes issue with the Assistant’s white noise sound that had sparked user outcry
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CISA director: 'We have not seen significant intrusions' from Log4j -- yet
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URL parsing: A ticking time bomb of security exploits
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Biden administration announces major new initiatives to clean up the electric grid
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US Dept. of Veterans Affairs signs $13M contract with Google Cloud for better API management
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Department of Veterans Affairs signs $13M contract with Google Cloud
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224007 THEVERGE 2022-1-14:
Bill Gates’ climate fund looks to funnel billions into carbon removal, green hydrogen, and more
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ID: 223925


Date: 2022-01-13

Google calls for new government action to protect open-source software projects

Following a summit on open-source security hosted at the White House Thursday, Google has called for increasing government involvement in identifying and securing critical open-source software projects. In a blog post published shortly after the summit, Kent Walker, president for global affairs and chief legal officer at Google and Alphabet, said that collaboration between government and the private sector was needed for open-source funding and management. We need a public-private partnership to identify a list of critical open source projects — with criticality determined based on the influence and importance of a project — to help prioritize and allocate resources for the most essential security assessments and improvements, Walker wrote. The blog post also called for an increase in public and private investment to keep the open-source ecosystem secure, particularly when the software is used in infrastructure projects. For the most part, funding and review of such projects are conducted by the private sector. The White House had not responded to a request for comment by time of publication. Open source software code is available to the public, free for anyone to use, modify, or inspect ... Thats why many aspects of critical infrastructure and national security systems incorporate it, wrote Walker. But theres no official resource allocation and few formal requirements or standards for maintaining the security of that critical code. In fact, most of the work to maintain and enhance the security of open source, including fixing known vulnerabilities, is done on an ad hoc, volunteer basis. The shortage of funding and resources for open-source development has long been raised as a security concern and has re-emerged as a key issue after the discovery of a serious bug in the Log4j Java library, which quickly became the biggest cybersecurity vulnerability in recent years. The Log4j library was also developed and maintained largely by unpaid labor. When open-source projects do receive funding, it generally comes from private sources like individual donations or sponsorship from tech companies. Google recently contributed $1 million to the Secure Open Source (SOS) rewards program, a pilot scheme being run by the Linux Foundation to financially compensate developers working to improve the security of open-source projects. In a statement, Eric Brewer, VP of Infrastructure at Google, said: Though it was called a summit, todays meeting was effectively a working session to develop concrete, pragmatic solutions to improve open source security. The participants broadly agreed on approaches to identify and secure critical projects, and in particular underwrite those efforts with real investment. It is especially crucial that those maintaining open-source projects are given the resources and support they need to ensure they are well maintained and are able to fix vulnerabilities quickly. We applaud the White House for their leadership on this important issue. Update Jan 14th, 8:50AM ET: This article has been updated to add a statement from Eric Brewer.