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223896 ARSTECHNICA 2022-1-14:
Microsoft Teams turns your phone into a walkie-talkie
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223768 THEVERGE 2022-1-12:
Microsoft Teams’ Walkie Talkie feature now available to everyone
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224066 ZDNET 2022-1-13:
Microsoft Teams: Walkie Talkie feature now live on iPhone and Android
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Microsoft Teams offers more features to help stressed frontline workers
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Microsoft adds more Teams, Viva features for frontline workers
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We spent nearly 5 hours a day on our mobile devices in 2021
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Apple, Google and other smartphone manufacturers are missing the point
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Soon Microsoft Teams will let you mute 'highly painful' notifications while on calls
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Microsoft is rolling out the ability to chat across personal and business Teams accounts
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T-Mobile says it isn’t widely blocking iCloud Private Relay, blames iOS bug
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Here's who can expect better collaboration tools in 2022, according to 8x8
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Google says Apple is holding back smartphone users with its iMessage approach
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Latest Windows 11 update: Your Phone app and key indicators get a visual refresh
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Microsoft: This macOS bug could bypass controls and access private user data
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Google wants to make it easier for you to send yourself files
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Time for a Linux smartphone? Here comes the PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition
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Decade-old volume indicator gets a new look in latest Windows 11 preview
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Firefox 96 update focuses on noise improvements, main thread efficiency
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After ruining Android messaging, Google says iMessage is too powerful
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2G's security weaknesses are still a problem, even for modern phones
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iA Writer is the productivity app every Apple user needs
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Intel looks beyond CMOS to MESO
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You can no longer call an Uber with your Apple Watch
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Sony brings a compact, flagship smartphone to the US
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Best e-signature software 2022: Box, Docusign, Fill, more
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ID: 223896


Date: 2022-01-14

Microsoft Teams turns your phone into a walkie-talkie

Make your iPhone work like an old Boost Mobile phone. One of the hallmarks of Boost Mobile prepaid phones in the early 2000s was their push-to-talk (PTT), or walkie-talkie, feature, which allowed you to play your voice through another Boost Mobile user's phone speaker with the push of a button. Microsoft is now bringing a similar feature to iOS and Android devices via its Teams app. However, Microsoft isn't using rappers and athletes to try to make PTT seem "cool," as Boost Mobile did. Instead, the company is positioning the feature as a way to use technology to aid frontline workers. In a blog post on Wednesday, Emma Williams, corporate VP of modern work transformation at Microsoft, announced that the walkie-talkie ability in Teams is now available "on all iOS mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads, in addition to Android mobile devices." Williams also said the feature will come to some Zebra Technologies devices, such as rugged phones or scanning devices. Such products may even have a button you can press to connect instantly, just like real walkie-talkies and Boost Mobile's old PTT phones. According to Williams, the number of frontline workers using Teams has grown 400 percent from March to November last year. Bringing Walkie Talkie for Teams to mobile devices seeks to address challenges frontline workers face due to labor shortages and supply chain issues by providing "technology that saves them time, helps them communicate more seamlessly, and maximizes their efficiency when completing repetitive tasks," Williams wrote. The walkie-talkie feature is one way for Microsoft to differentiate Teams in a workplace filled with competing apps, like Slack and Zoom, by highlighting rapid and on-the-go voice communication. Slack is primarily text-based chat, but its Huddle feature allows you to quickly speak with coworkers. Meanwhile, Zoom' s idea of PTT  is about letting you quickly unmute yourself. Walkie-talkie features are available in some other modern mobile devices, too. As 9to5Mac pointed out, Apple brought an app with this functionality to the Apple Watch back in 2018. But while Microsoft is positioning the Walkie Talkie for Teams as a worker tool, there's nothing preventing you from using it to holler a friendly "where you at?" to a friend.