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223679 ZDNET 2022-1-12:
US Dept. of Veterans Affairs signs $13M contract with Google Cloud for better API management
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223644 VENTUREBEAT 2022-1-12:
Department of Veterans Affairs signs $13M contract with Google Cloud
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How managed services will evolve in 2022
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Macquarie Telecom signs on to NSW government cloud panel
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Google hired union-busting consultants to convince employees “unions suck”
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Master Google Analytics to turn your website into a moneymaker
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After ruining Android messaging, Google says iMessage is too powerful
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Google Meet calls get live translated captions
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Best e-signature software 2022: Box, Docusign, Fill, more
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IBM, Clemson, Linux Foundation join forces for sustainable crop information platform
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Google in last-ditch lobbying attempt to influence incoming EU tech rules
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Virtana, which helps companies to manage multiple cloud environments, raises $73M
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Eureka emerges from stealth to secure cloud data stores with automation
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Observable raises $35.6M to bring better visibility to enterprise data
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How Ulta Beauty applies low-code, AI-powered dev approach
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Google Drive accounted for the most malware downloads from cloud storage sites in 2021
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7 obstacles that organizations face migrating legacy data to the cloud
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VMware brings Tanzu Application Platform into GA to ease Kubernetes adoption
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SAP supply chains need zero trust to reach enterprise cybersecurity
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Google TV exploring fitness, smart home control, and other new features for 2022
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The painful shame of owning an Android phone
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Databricks targets retail vertical with its first industry-specific lakehouse
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Get 1TB of data backup and the most secure storage for a lifetime at just $50
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Location analytics company nabs $100M to generate insights from foot traffic
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AWS launches new EC2 instance type for high performance computing tasks
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ID: 223679


Date: 2022-01-12

US Dept. of Veterans Affairs signs $13M contract with Google Cloud for better API management

The department will use Google's Apigee platform to improve its Lighthouse API program, which lets veterans share their data with third-party applications. The US Department of Veterans Affairs has signed a $13 million, multi-year deal with Google Cloud, the company said Wednesday, to help the department improve its management of APIs.  The best cloud storage services Free and cheap personal and small business cloud storage services are everywhere. But, which one is best for you? Let's look at the top cloud storage options. Read More The VA plans to deploy Apigee, Google Cloud's API management platform, to improve its Lighthouse API program. The program, launched in 2018, gives developers secure access to VA APIs as they develop new tools and services for veterans. For instance, developers can use the VA's Benefits API to create applications that help veterans submit and track electronic benefits claims. Until recently, veterans weren't able to digitally share their VA records with third-party applications.  "Google Cloud's Apigee will help the VA to continue scaling the VA Lighthouse API program for third-party developers in a cost-efficient manner, offering Veterans more choice in the applications and tools they use to obtain access to their data and services," VA Lighthouse Director Dave Mazik said in a statement. " This partnership is a logical next step to better connect Veterans with VA services, innovate with trusted third parties and continue to offer a high-quality, digital-first customer experience to which they're accustomed to in other areas of their lives." The Apigee platform is FedRAMP-authorized, so the department can ensure its handling of veteran data remains in compliance with security and privacy standards like HIPAA. Google has made a concerted effort to ramp up its public sector business, along with a handful of other key verticals, since 2019.  Back in November, Google said that more government agencies will be able to use their tools now that Google Workspace has achieved FedRAMP High authorization and Google has earned IL4 authorization from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). Additionally, Google in November rolled out a new series of " public benefits solutions" -- a suite of Google tools and capabilities packaged together for specific social services challenges.