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223646 THEVERGE 2022-1-12:
Sony says it’s still making new PS4s, but most stores aren’t selling them
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223965 ARSTECHNICA 2022-1-13:
Report: Sony will use the PS4 to fill the PS5 supply gap
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223690 THEVERGE 2022-1-11:
GameStop and Best Buy have Xbox Series X consoles for order right now (update: sold out at Best Buy)
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223660 THEVERGE 2022-1-12:
The PS5 and Xbox Series X will restock on Thursday for Walmart Plus subscribers
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223938 THEVERGE 2022-1-13:
GameStop is selling PlayStation 5 bundles in-store to Pro members on January 14th
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223936 ARSTECHNICA 2022-1-12:
PCIe 5.0 is just beginning to come to new PCs, but version 6.0 is already here
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224070 ZDNET 2022-1-13:
Get free chicken and cupcakes with a new Sam's Club membership plus $10 E-Gift Card for just $20
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223650 ZDNET 2022-1-12:
Adobe: $204 billion spent online during 2021 holiday season, 38 days saw $3 billion in spending
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223732 THEVERGE 2022-1-11:
It fills me with glee that Canon printers now think Canon’s own toner is fake
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223748 THEVERGE 2022-1-12:
PCIe 6.0 is coming for the speedy SSDs and GPUs of the future
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223647 ARSTECHNICA 2022-1-12:
God of War on PC delivers nearly everything we’d hoped for
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223913 THEVERGE 2022-1-14:
Bethesda will follow up Fallout 4’s real-life Pip-Boy with this Starfield smartwatch
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223931 THEVERGE 2022-1-13:
A new Degrassi show is coming to HBO Max
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223789 ARSTECHNICA 2022-1-11:
Overwatch -themed Lego set on pause amid Activision abuse allegations
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223712 THEVERGE 2022-1-11:
Apple’s $19 polishing cloth is back in stock online
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223684 THEVERGE 2022-1-11:
Lego delays Overwatch 2 set as company reevaluates relationship with Activision Blizzard
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224191 ARSTECHNICA 2022-1-14:
Netflix cites “more entertainment choices than ever,” raises prices again
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223911 ZDNET 2022-1-13:
SSDs and GPUs heading for a speed boost as new standard doubles bandwidth
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223940 ARSTECHNICA 2022-1-12:
Sony brings a compact, flagship smartphone to the US
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223711 ARSTECHNICA 2022-1-10:
Why is Zynga worth a whopping $12.7 billion? (Hint: It’s not FarmVille )
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223969 THEVERGE 2022-1-13:
Valve says the Steam Deck is on track to ship by the end of February
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223933 ZDNET 2022-1-14:
A 'massive' hacking attack has hit government websites in Ukraine
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224010 THEVERGE 2022-1-14:
Final Fantasy XIV sales to resume January 25th
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223869 ZDNET 2022-1-10:
Take-Two Interactive acquiring mobile gaming giant Zynga for $12.7 billion
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223884 ZDNET 2022-1-11:
Ransomware: Hackers are using Log4j flaw as part of their attacks, warns Microsoft
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ID: 223646


Date: 2022-01-12

Sony says it’s still making new PS4s, but most stores aren’t selling them

While many of us fall somewhere between trying to find a new-generation gaming console like the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 or trying to find worthwhile gaming experiences once we have them, Sony tells Bloomberg its still manufacturing new PlayStation 4s. According to the report, an internal plan had projected an end to the production of the system in 2021, but the ongoing shortages will cause the company to build about a million PS4s in 2022, according to sources. Sony confirmed that PS4 production is still ongoing, providing a quote to Bloomberg saying the system is one of the best-selling consoles ever, and there is always crossover between generations. That fits, since it certainly feels like the PS4 should still be around — there are still new cross-generation games coming out like Horizon Forbidden West, and its not like you can reliably find a PS5 just sitting on store shelves. The curious thing is that, at least online, we couldnt find many new PlayStation 4 consoles either. A check of Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and Target showed all the stores either lacking a listing for PlayStation 4 consoles entirely or saying theyre out of stock on new systems. Only GameStop had even a hint of a new system but only in-store, and stores within 500 miles of my location all claimed not to have any. If you absolutely must have a PS4 Slim right now, Sony will sell you one directly for the same $299.99 price its charged since 2017. But you can only get one — as its site notes, [due] to high demand, consoles are limited to 1 per household. Microsofts Xbox One lineup is in similar shape, if not worse. Prior to the launch of the Xbox Series consoles, Microsoft told us it would discontinue the Xbox One X and Xbox One S Digital Edition while continuing production of the standard, disc-equipped Xbox One S. We havent seen an official update since, but it appears that many months have passed since anyone in the US has reported seeing a new Xbox One console on sale anywhere. A Microsoft Store page is still offering bundles, but we couldnt quite click the button to put one in our digital shopping cart. Microsoft didnt immediately respond to a question about the manufacturing status of older systems, but for now, the Xbox Series S might be the only easily obtainable gaming system that you can get brand new. Various iterations of the Nintendo Switch seem to come and go on retail websites, so it mostly depends on which model youre looking for. For the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, there are signs the situation is improving. Retail drops have lasted longer and come on a more regular basis than usual. At the same time, reseller prices on sites like StockX have continued to slip. For the PlayStation 5, the recent peak for sale prices came in early November at $811, while systems are currently moving for $638. StockX sale prices for the Xbox Series X similarly have dropped over the same period, from $797 on November 4th to the $570–$580 range recently.