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10 Black Friday deals on nearly everything Apple
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The best Cyber Monday deals on Apple devices
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Walmart's Black Friday 2021 deals: $398 70-inch 4K HDTV, $159 Apple AirPods Pro
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Cyber Monday deal: $169 Apple AirPods Pro
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30+ best Black Friday laptop deals 2021: Up to $600 off MacBook Pro, $149 Chromebook
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Apple reportedly switching to its own iPhone modem design in 2023
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Best headphone Black Friday deals: $100 off Sony WH-1000XM4, $60 off Apple AirPods Pro
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ID: 221138


Date: 2021-11-25

10 Black Friday deals on nearly everything Apple

Black Friday is here, and that means lots of deals on lots of stuff. For Apple aficionados, Black Friday is sweet for another reason: Apple products are on sale for some of the best deals of the year. The items included here represent some of the best bargains on Apple products available for Black Friday 2021. From Pencils to Pads to Pods, it's all here in a discounted form that won't last forever. Disclaimer: Sales run for a limited time ; prices and availability is subject to change. As you're going through this list, you may notice a few items are absent, namely the latest-generation Apple products that have been selling the fastest, like the MacBook Pro with the M1X chip and the new iMac. These were left off because the deals being offered on them, if any deal is offered at all, are all nearly identical: Around $50 off. If you manage to find a better deal I'd jump on it. I've also left off carrier-specific deals for iPhones, so you won't find them here either. If you're interested in getting an iPhone 13 series device without switching providers, it's best to check for those yourself, and if you want to switch providers it's best to shop around their websites to see who has the best deal.  This configuration of the latest model MacBook Air comes with Apple's in-house M1 processor, 8GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD, putting it on the entry level of MacBooks Air. It's still a solid machine, and thanks to the M1 is more capable than ever. Thanks to Black Friday, it's $150 off. Like the SE model iPhones, the Apple Watch SE comes with newer model internals in an older-style case. What that essentially means is dealing with a bit more bezel on the screen in exchange for saving a bunch of money, and in this instance you'll be saving even more.  AirPods Pro are the top-end model of Apple's earbuds. As the owner of a pair myself, I'd highly recommend them to anyone who owns other Apple products. They'll work with non-Apple hardware as well, but the seamless pairing and device switching when using Apple hardware is fantastic. Today they're 20% off, too. The other top-of-the-line headphone option from Apple is the AirPods Max, which come in far more expensive than their earbud counterparts at $549. If you don't want to spend almost as much on headphones as you do on a new iPhone, now is your chance to get them for more than $100 less.  The second generation Apple Pencil charges by magnetically attaching to the side of some of the newer iPad models, like the 2021 Pro and Mini 6. It's a great piece of hardware, but the $129 price tag is enough to put people off. If that's you, now's the chance to grab one for $30 off.  The newest generation of iPad Pro is a powerhouse of productivity thanks to the inclusion of the M1 chip that was originally designed for use in the MacBook. Right now you can get one on sale for $100 of the usual asking price. Apple's HomePod Mini isn't technically on sale, but it is being paired with a great offer of six months free Apple Music and News+, and three months of Apple TV (for new subscribers only) when purchased for the holidays. It's the perfect opportunity to give a smart speaker as a gift.  Apple's MagSafe Duo charger is the perfect companion to an iPhone 12 or later and an Apple watch. It charges both (with at least a 20w USB power brick, not included) devices and folds in half for easy transportation when on the road — why carry two cables and chargers when you can just carry one with the Duo?  The latest model of Apple TV supports 4K video, so if you're stuck with an older one it's time to upgrade, especially if a new TV is in your holiday future. The Apple TV 4K comes in two storage capacities: 32GB and 64GB. The model on sale is the 32GB one — if you want 64GB you'll have to pay full price. No, this isn't the newest generation iMac, but it is a previous-generation model that's fully capable and steeply on sale for Black Friday. So what if it isn't the tip-top of the line model? It's $500 off the usual asking price, which can't be beat.