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10 Black Friday deals that professionals won't want to miss
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30+ Newegg Cyber Monday deals 2021: Grab these discounts before they expire
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Best Buy Cyber Monday deals 2021: $109 ASUS Chromebook, $300 off Hisense 70'' TV
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Costco's Black Friday deals 2021: $700 off LG 86'' TV, $799 MacBook Air M1
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50+ Cyber Monday tech deals from Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, and more
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10 Black Friday deals on nearly everything Apple
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All the best Cyber Monday 2021 deals we can find so far [Updated]
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The best Cyber Monday deals on Apple devices
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All the best Black Friday 2021 deals we can find that are still available [Updated]
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Walmart's Black Friday 2021 deals: $398 70-inch 4K HDTV, $159 Apple AirPods Pro
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ZDNet Black Friday and Cyber Monday Buying Guide 2021
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All the best Black Friday 2021 deals we can find [Updated]
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The best Black Friday 2021 deals on Apple devices
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Save 30% on all Nomad Goods accessories with Black Friday sale
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Best Black Friday gaming deals 2021: Sales on Secretlab, Nintendo, Elgato, and more
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Take 70% off thousands of online tech courses for Black Friday
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Best Black Friday gaming deals 2021: Up to $150 off Secretlab chairs, $299 Nintendo Switch bundle
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Hulu’s ad-supported streaming plan costs just $1 per month to join
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The latest Kindle Paperwhite is 25 percent off for Black Friday
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ID: 221121


Date: 2021-11-25

10 Black Friday deals that professionals won't want to miss

It's that time of year again: The toughest time of year for gadget enthusiasts. Sure, everyone is getting the coolest new hardware and software, but that's the problem for those of us who love tech: Do we spend our money on gifts or getting great deals for ourselves? This guide features 10 items that are perfect for self-gifting, or giving to a loved one, a coworker or an entire organization. Hopefully you'll find a deal here that fits what you're looking for, but don't wait: Many of these have already been available for a few days!  Disclaimer: Sales run for a limited time ; prices are subject to change, as are quantities. There really aren't any frills to this laptop, but it's packed with impressive hardware despite its simple looks. An Intel i7, 16GM of RAM, and a 512GB SSD make this machine great for day-to-day work that doesn't involve a lot of intense graphic rendering or gaming. Normally priced at $999, it's on sale now for $699. The Surface Pro 7 isn't the newest model available in 2021, but it still packs some impressive hardware to match its hefty price tag : It's normally $1,199.99. If you've been looking for a deal on a Surface Pro, Best Buy has them available now for just $799.99. That's still expensive, but it's a heckuva deal. I reviewed the standard version of this laptop, and if the upgrades added to the Galaxy Book Pro 360 are as good as they look I'd say this is a great gift idea for your favorite Samsung enthusiast, or just someone who wants a top-tier laptop. Normally $1,499.99, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 is currently on sale for $999.99. If this router looks like a beast, that's because it is. Capable of supporting more than 55 devices on Wi-Fi 6E, the Linksys Hydra Pro is designed to be a gigabit-speed, ultra-low-latency router. Its capacity and capabilities make it great for small business environments, as well as home use where latency is an important factor. It's also half off right now at just $249.99, so scoop one up before they're gone, or back to full price. We've entered the USB-C era, but not everyone is keeping pace, particularly manufacturers of wall chargers: I've had an impossible time finding any that have more than one USB-C plug on them! This one does, making it a great travel companion for professionals and individuals who want to reduce the number of wall chargers they carry. Get one now at 20% off. Having given one of these devices a trial run, I can say with confidence that they're a lot of fun to use. Discounted down to $849.99 from $999.99, the Z Flip3 5G is even better to give as a gift or get for yourself.  If you travel with your tech, there's a good chance that you lug around a portable charger. If not, or if you're looking to expand your range of mobile recharging options, this 20,000mAh one from Energizer is worth looking at. All that capacity will net you 72 hours of additional smartphone usage, and one side of the brick is also a Qi pad for wireless charging. It's half off currently at $34.99. Holiday deals aren't reserved for physical products. Digital items can be some of the most expensive parts of a job, and any deal is greatly appreciated. This one from NordVPN, for example, will give you two years of service for just $89.00. As a comparison, two years of NordVPN service normally costs around $200 more. Deals are also available on one-year plans too, but the best deal comes when you buy the two-year package.  Adobe is doing a bunch of different deals on its Creative Cloud suite, with specials divided between individuals, students and teachers, and businesses. All three of these specials end today, so if you want to take advantage of them don't wait: By the 27th it'll be unavailable. These deals are good, too: Individuals will get a year of CC for 40% off, teachers and students at 68% off, and businesses will save "almost" 40%.