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Does Windows on Arm have a future?
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Qualcomm exclusivity deal might be keeping Windows from running on other ARM chips
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Arm architectures step up the battle for Windows
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Microsoft: Windows 11 rollout is going so well, we're making it available to more PCs
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Microsoft makes free Windows 11 Enterprise virtual machine available for download
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Microsoft is embarrassing itself and customers can see it
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Hackers are targeting this Microsoft Windows Installer flaw, say security researchers
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Windows Server IoT 2022 is for a lot more than IoT
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Next Windows 11 update brings back Clippy, along with other redesigned emoji
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Windows 11: Microsoft update fixes Kaspersky antivirus app glitch
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EU companies issues formal complaint against Microsoft OneDrive Windows integration
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How to personalize the lock screen background image in Windows 11
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Microsoft is offering Xbox Series X bundles direct to ‘valued customers’
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Microsoft’s new Xbox app for Windows finally solves game install headaches
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Forget Google. How Microsoft can deliver better mobile support and Android experience
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How to enable Dark Mode in Microsoft 365
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Microsoft warning: Now Iran's hackers are attacking IT companies, too
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Pentagon asks AWS, Microsoft, Google and Oracle to bid for new cloud contract
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Microsoft Store Black Friday deals: $300 Surface Go 2, $230 Acer 2-in-1 laptop
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Microsoft Outlook vs. Apple Mail: Which email client is best for business?
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Apple reportedly switching to its own iPhone modem design in 2023
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Samsung is building a new $17 billion advanced chip plant in Texas
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The chip shortage: How should your business approach buying tech and components?
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Rescale raises $55M more to meet demand for high-performance compute
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Rumor claims Apple's AR glasses have 'Mac-level computing power'
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ID: 220977


Date: 2021-11-23

Does Windows on Arm have a future?

If an allegedly exclusive partnership deal in the Windows on Arm PC space ends soon, will (and should) anyone care? Ever since Microsoft first unveiled its Windows on Arm strategy publicly in 2016, the only Arm chip supplier in the mix has been Qualcomm. According to a report by XDA Developers this week, that's not coincidental; it's because Microsoft and Qualcomm had a publicly-unacknowledged exclusivity deal. XDA says that exclusive contract will end "soon." But will the potential to expand the suppliers of Arm chips for Windows PCs matter? Many analysts have been assuming that because Apple is all-in on Arm, Microsoft will be someday. But Microsoft's past -- and some believe, future -- is still basically an x64 one when it comes to PCs.  As's Paul Thurrott notes, it's a much different landscape for Windows hardware now than it was in 2016. AMD is back and working with Microsoft on an Arm chipset; Intel is under new management.  The best Windows laptops Here are ZDNet's current top picks for a variety of use cases. Read More MediaTek announced that it plans to throw its hat into the WoA fray by working with Microsoft to get Windows 11 on Arm PCs using MediaTek chips.  Qualcomm bought Nuvia earlier this year and could have a better Arm-based PC chip offering -- but, realistically, not until 2023. The end of the Qualcomm exclusive might mean that Microsoft will support Windows on Apple's own Arm-based Macs, XDA speculates.  I'm still skeptical.  While Microsoft has continued to plod along the WoA path for the past five years, it has little to show for its efforts.  In 2016, Microsoft wanted to give Intel some incentive (probably on the price and performance fronts), so it signed up Qualcomm to help build the WoA platform. There have been several announcements and a handful of Windows Arm PCs since. But that's about it.  The Windows PCs out there with Arm processors don't have compelling power/battery life stories, in spite of rather fantastical battery-life claims by some PC makers ( including Microsoft). And Microsoft has struggled to get x64 app emulation to work on Arm PCs, limiting their appeal. On the server front, things seem a bit more promising. Microsoft officials have publicly said the company has several server-side Arm partners (including Qualcomm) and is running Windows Server on Arm servers inside its own datacenters. Microsoft is reportedly working on its own Arm chip for servers. To be clear: I haven't heard any rumors about Microsoft throwing in the towel on Windows on Arm PCs. And this year, it got Office working on Windows 11 on Arm devices using its ARM64EC technology.  I'm just not sure Arm's promises are going to justify continued investments by Microsoft and its partners to make WoA PCs a real alternative to x64 PCs.