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220768 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-11-18:
Consumers like the benefits of online shopping despite the security risks
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220725 VENTUREBEAT 2021-11-18:
Report: Nearly half of online shoppers will cut ties with a retailer if personal info is compromised
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220831 ZDNET 2021-11-22:
Hackers used this software flaw to steal credit card details from thousands of online retailers
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220882 VENTUREBEAT 2021-11-21:
Report: Only 21% of remote workers say they are aware of cyberthreats
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220994 VENTUREBEAT 2021-11-19:
Report: 70% of IT pros say security hygiene has gotten harder over past two years
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220498 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-11-15:
Malicious shopping websites surge in number in advance of Black Friday
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220758 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-11-18:
How midsize companies are vulnerable to data breaches and other cyberattacks
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220790 VENTUREBEAT 2021-11-18:
Report: 98% of IT leaders concerned about security challenges due to hybrid workforce
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220991 VENTUREBEAT 2021-11-19:
Report: Only half of companies employ a CISO
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220512 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-11-15:
How organizations are beefing up their cybersecurity to combat ransomware
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220789 VENTUREBEAT 2021-11-18:
Report: 55% of Americans say paying ransoms encourages more cybercrime
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220406 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-11-17:
5 predictions to help you focus your web app security resources in 2022
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220869 VENTUREBEAT 2021-11-20:
Report: Mid-sized businesses are 490% more likely to experience security breach since 2019
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221022 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-11-22:
Leaders agree that cybersecurity is a business risk, but are they acting on that belief?
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220376 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-11-17:
How to protect your organization from ransomware attacks during the holiday season
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221037 ZDNET 2021-11-21:
Eftpos added security features go-live as digital upgrades continue
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220392 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-11-17:
How to beef up your multicloud security
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220997 VENTUREBEAT 2021-11-20:
Report: 54% of today’s ‘ethical hackers’ are Gen Z
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220306 VENTUREBEAT 2021-11-17:
Report: 95% of businesses will make multicloud a strategic priority in 2022
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220690 VENTUREBEAT 2021-11-17:
Large-scale global cyber project aims to answer most pressing security questions
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220795 VENTUREBEAT 2021-11-19:
Report: 56% of workers admit they’ve accidentally deleted cloud data
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220520 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-11-16:
Fear and shame are making it harder to fight ransomware and accidental data loss, report finds
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220330 VENTUREBEAT 2021-11-16:
Report: 91% of attacks on tech platforms now come from bots
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221019 ZDNET 2021-11-22:
Data from millions of Brazilians exposed in Wi-Fi management software firm leak
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220700 ZDNET 2021-11-19:
Australian online retailers turn to AI and web-crawling to identify unsafe product listings
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ID: 220768


Date: 2021-11-18

Consumers like the benefits of online shopping despite the security risks

Online shopping has proven to be a quick and convenient way to buy virtually anything. And it's been a lifesaver during the pandemic when we couldn't go out to pick up groceries, food, and other essential items. But like any website, retail sites can be vulnerable to data breaches and security flaws. Do concerns about security issues deter people from shopping online? Not according to a report from software security provider NTT Application Security. For its new report titled " The State of Secure Online Holiday Shopping," NTT surveyed 1,057 US consumers 18 and older who buy personal items online. Conducted in early October, the overall survey found that a majority of consumers understand the security risks associated with online shopping, especially during the holidays. But in the long run, buyers value the benefits of online shopping over any security concerns. Among the respondents, 35% said they'd continue shopping with a retailer that was hit by a security breach. Only 25% said they'd take their business somewhere else. Further, only 46% revealed that they'd stop shopping with an online retailer if their own credit card details or personal data were leaked in a breach. From data to devices : Strengthen your cyber defenses with these security policies (TechRepublic Premium). Many consumers have experienced the consequences of a data breach directly. Some 26% of those surveyed said they suffered credit card or identity theft as a result of shopping online; 10% said that these incidents occurred during the pandemic. Despite the constant news of data breaches and the direct impact of a security breach, the consumers polled still seem to feel safe shopping in the virtual world. A full 58% said they believe their personal data is protected online. Some 57% feel secure storing their credit card information in a retail mobile app and 55% feel safe storing their credit card information in a digital wallet or similar platform. Many people appear to feel safe because they trust their credit card company to act in the event of a problem. Among the respondents, 69% said they rely on their credit card provider to protect them from fraudulent transactions. Whatever their feelings about online shopping, most of the consumers polled appear to be savvy on how to protect themselves. A full 63% said they don't shop online when connected to a public Wi-Fi network, 76% said they make sure that a shopping site has a secure HTTPS connection, 73% rarely or never click on links embedded in an email or social media promotion, and 51% said they use two-factor authentication. Despite the confidence among the consumers surveyed, retail sites can be vulnerable to breaches and other security issues, especially during the holidays when shopping is heavy. "As we head into the holiday season, consumers need to be aware of how to reduce their risk of being susceptible to stolen personal information or scam websites that phish for online credentials and payment information," said NTT application security CEO Craig Hinkley. "It seems that these days every retailer has an app that consumers can use for shopping. Hackers are increasingly using pilfered credit card numbers and phishing attacks to prey on overwhelmed consumers and banks during the pandemic." To protect yourself and your personal information when shopping online, Hinkley offers the following tips: Strengthen your organization's IT security defenses by keeping abreast of the latest cybersecurity news, solutions, and best practices. Delivered Tuesdays and Thursdays