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220659 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-11-19:
Learn Python: Start or advance your computer science career with this class bundle
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221058 ZDNET 2021-11-22:
Become a certified Python programmer in as little as 7 days
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220798 ZDNET 2021-11-17:
Become a highly paid Python programmer for just $35
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221009 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-11-22:
Become a Python programmer with this online course bundle
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221031 ZDNET 2021-11-20:
Learn to code by creating code with hands-on and project-based courses for only $44.99
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220695 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-11-19:
Learn whichever type of coding you choose in 15 engaging, project-based courses
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Master Kubernetes, React, AWS and more valuable cloud skills with this training
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220732 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-11-18:
Top 5 things to know about data intelligence
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Best online master's in economics 2021: Top picks
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220919 VENTUREBEAT 2021-11-22:
Paving the way to adaptability with cloud skills
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220611 ZDNET 2021-11-16:
Snowflake to support Python natively in its Snowpark developer platfrom
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Best online computer engineering degrees 2021: Top picks
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Learn how to code by creating high-quality games for only $35
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220992 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-11-19:
Q-CTRL launches quantum computing course for people who didn't study physics
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220778 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-11-17:
Data scientist shortage: Can your company use citizen data scientists?
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220815 ZDNET 2021-11-18:
AWS reveals quartet of cloud education initiatives
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For a limited time, new users can get a lifetime of VPNSecure Online Privacy for just $40
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Apple programming: Learn how to create apps for iOS 15, iPadOS, Apple Watch and macOS
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Dark web crooks are now teaching courses on how to build botnets
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220867 VENTUREBEAT 2021-11-20:
There’s a month for cyber awareness, but what about data literacy?
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Data management platform Bigeye unveils rapid dataset validation tool
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Best online master's in accounting 2021: Top picks
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Back-end developers just topped this list of the most in-demand tech jobs
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Running with Under Armour connected shoes: HOVR and Velociti propel my All Out Mile attempt
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IT skills gap is forcing leaders to prioritize cloud and security hires
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ID: 220659


Date: 2021-11-19

Learn Python: Start or advance your computer science career with this class bundle

Three of the main ways COVID-19 has had an impact on business are increases in IT deployment, cloud usage and digital/hybrid work models. So, there has never been a better time to switch to a tech career or turbocharge your advancement in the one you've already begun. Complete novices to entry and intermediate-level IT professionals can benefit from the lifetime access you get to the courses in The 2022 Premium Computer Science Career Path Certification Bundle. According to Zip Recruiter, the average annual entry-level Python programmer salary is $80,499. And you can actually become a certified entry-level Python programmer in only seven days, even if you have no experience. The "PCEP: Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification Prep Course" teaches you all you need to know to pass the Python PCEP-30-01 and PCAP-31 certification exams. Or start with Java, another of the prominent, yet easier-to-learn programming languages. " Java: A Complete Tutorial from ZERO to JDBC" is a hit with students: They've rated both the course and the teacher 4.9 out of five stars. Instructor Lawrence Decamora spent five years as a Java trainer at Sun Microsystems and is pursuing a doctorate in education. He teaches this course as an engaging, hands-on method of developing new skills. The "JavaScript from Scratch: The Ultimate Beginners Course" also uses practice to teach you these marketable skills. " Raspberry Pi For Beginners —Complete Course" is a fun project-based class. Moving on from coding to data, "From 0 to 1: Heavy Lifting with SQL & Databases" is where you head when you're ready to move on from Excel to databases and want to become a pro at SQL. We mentioned increased cloud usage, so "GCP: Complete Google Data Engineer & Cloud Architect Guide" will help you in that niche. In "Learn By Example: Spark Streaming 2.x," you'll learn all about stream architecture and continuous data, including using live Twitter data for practice. There's no rush since you have lifetime access, but you'll really feel like an expert once you've mastered the use of probability and hypothesis. And you'll have two courses waiting for you when you're ready, "Probability Foundations for Data Science" and "Hypothesis Testing for Data Science." Don't miss this opportunity to get the skills you need to soar in a tech career, grab The 2022 Premium Computer Science Career Path Certification Bundle while it's on sale for just $39.99 (normally $1,800). Prices subject to change.