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Develop the skills required for an in-demand cybersecurity career
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Boost your intermediate-level tech skills with networking training for just $20
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Learn skills to kick off a lucrative cybersecurity career for only $20
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Break into the elite field of cybersecurity by learning Risk Management Frameworks
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What is a cybersecurity degree?
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Learn the skills to be a data analyst with courses on Python, Excel, Power BI and more
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New real-world cybersecurity training range opens in South Florida
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Cybersecurity training options: What's right for you?
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Best gifts for hackers 2021: Top cybersecurity presents
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UX bootcamps: Start your career in UX/UI design
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How much can you make with an associate in cybersecurity?
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Learn all you need from this training bundle on Azure, Windows and Microsoft 365
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Go from blockchain beginner to cryptomining master to start a new career
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Gain the skills that will allow you to start 2022 as a Linux pro
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Top 5 more things to know about upskilling
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Careers in STEM: What jobs are in high demand?
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Gremlin Launches the First Professional Certification Program for Chaos Engineering
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Getting an MBA in human resources online: What you need to know
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Associate degrees in computer science: Everything you need to know
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Computer science salaries: A negotiator's guide
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What is computer programming, exactly? A techie's guide
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Build your own LEGO flux capacitor with animated LED lights for only $55
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Business certificates available online: A professional's guide
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Computer science as a degree: Who's it for?
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How to negotiate your salary: A 5 W's approach
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ID: 218758


Date: 2021-10-27

Develop the skills required for an in-demand cybersecurity career

If your 2022 goals include an exciting new well-paid career, then now is the time to start training for it. And the very affordable Ethical Hacker Master Class Bundle allows you to do so at your own pace, even if you are working full-time. Not only is Python perfectly suited for ethical hacking tasks, but it is almost ridiculously easy to learn. So "Ethical Hacking With Python" can teach you both in only four hours of 23 lectures. You could conceivably start looking for new positions after just this class, so it's never too early to look at the best resume and job interview tips. Or you may want to start with the "Ethical Hacker Bootcamp," for 25 hours of lessons on penetration testing, intrusion detection and a lot more. And you can dive even deeper into the 60 hours of "Ethical Hacker Training," to explore the more common types of cyberattacks and defenses. You will learn to fix network vulnerabilities before they are exploited by developing skills in penetration testing in "Security Analyst Training" and get in-depth instruction on fighting advanced malware in "Advanced Persistent Threat Analyst." However, "Computer Hacker & Forensic Investigator Training" and "Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst" provide training to actually take hackers down and put them behind bars. There are three courses that will help you pass exams that will provide you with certifications that will turbocharge your resume: "CompTIA A+ Certification Prep" for the 220-802 & 220-801 exams, "CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep" for the N10-00 exam, and CompTIA Security+ Certification Prep for the SYO-401 exam. Previous students have been extremely satisfied with this bundle's courses. Verified purchaser Carlos C. awarded it a perfect 5-star rating and said: "Excellent courses to learn ethical hacking, good quality information, the bundle is a great deal!!!!" These courses are all provided by CyberTraining 365, one of the best training platforms for mastering cyber security skills, including malware analysis, threat intelligence research, penetration testing, advanced persistent threats, reverse engineering and much more. Don't pass up this opportunity to acquire lucrative ethical hacking skills, get The Ethical Hacker Master Class Bundle now while it's available for only $39 (normally $4,883). Prices subject to change.