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218734 THEVERGE 2021-10-27:
The US Copyright Office just struck a blow supporting the right to repair
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US Copyright Office says you can fix a game console (but only the optical drive)
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How to transfer Microsoft Teams calls to another device
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Securing your digital life, part one: The basics
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IoT security provider Viakoo raises $10M
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Let's Encrypt explains last month's outages caused by certificate expiration
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The metaverse: What is it?
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Network automation provider BackBox will scale SaaS offerings with newly raised $32M
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Careers in STEM: What jobs are in high demand?
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Biden finally makes FCC picks: Rosenworcel as chair, Gigi Sohn as commissioner
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ACCC wants all Android devices to have dedicated screen for choosing search engines
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Best gift for DIYers 2021: IT pro tools
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Report: 79% of IT teams have seen increase in endpoint security breaches
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Does Facebook reorganization signal trouble for its targeted advertising?
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FCC kicks China Telecom out of United States
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Review: Bigger screen, better lighting make for a nearly perfect Kindle Paperwhite
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Apple MacOS Monterey (12.0.1) review: Productivity firmly back on the menu
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Amid the fluff, Meta showed an impressive demo of its Codec Avatars
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Mozilla Firefox joins browsers implementing Global Privacy Control
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Report: Confidential computing market could grow to $54B by 2026
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What is computer programming, exactly? A techie's guide
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Android’s 12L feature drop aims to be a big improvement for folding phones
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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2021) review: A classic, now modern, e-reader thanks to USB-C and wireless charging
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How to use XLOOKUP() to find commission benchmarks in Excel
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Nude-friendly Google Photos folders coming to iOS next year
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ID: 218734


Date: 2021-10-27

The US Copyright Office just struck a blow supporting the right to repair

The resulting rules include a revamped section on device repair, reflecting renewed government pressure around right to repair issues. In addition to renewing these and several other exemptions, this latest rulemaking adopts repair-related proposals from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, iFixit, and other organizations. The Librarian of Congress adopted the recommendations in a final rule that will take effect tomorrow. The exemptions replace an itemized list of repairable devices with broad protections for any consumer devices that rely on software to function, as well as land and sea vehicles and medical devices that arent consumer-focused. The rulemaking doesnt rewrite the exemption to cover all non- consumer devices, and it doesnt cover all modification, only diagnosis, maintenance, and repair. For video game consoles specifically, repair only covers repairing the devices optical drives and requires reenabling any technological protection measures that were circumvented afterward. The petitioners did a good job of showing commonalities across different types of devices, said Acting General Counsel Kevin Amer on a phone call with reporters. We also are aware of some of the efforts that the executive branch has undertaken in this area, including an executive order from the Biden administration supporting third-party and consumer repair work. We do think that this exemption will be useful and will help to facilitate that type of activity. Other agencies — as well as state and federal lawmakers — have their own right to repair policies on the table. The Federal Trade Commission, for instance, has pledged to fight business practices that lock out independent repair shops. This copyright rulemaking doesnt address those practices, but it helps lift a legal threat hanging over technicians and consumers. Right to repair expansion sits alongside several other changes. The rule extends exemptions for converting video to accessible formats for people with disabilities, letting educators add subtitles or audio captions before someone requests an accessible version as long as they reasonably expect it will be needed. Video game players with disabilities can also circumvent systems that prevent them from using nonstandard input devices on computers, although the exemptions dont add some broader requested accessibility protections. Meanwhile, archival libraries should be able to create copies of deteriorating disc-based media if they cant find a replacement copy elsewhere. (The office rejected requests that people be able to break copy protection to shift media into different formats, however.) The report expands the language of an exemption for security researchers as well. The new policy loosens a 2015 exemption granting access to medical device data, rewording it to cover devices that arent implanted and letting patients authorize third parties to access it, although some methods of access could still violate liability laws. It also grants jailbreaking exceptions for video streaming devices like the Apple TV and for routers and other networking hardware, as long as its not done to access pirated media. Section 1201 remains a controversial (and, some critics contend, unconstitutional) piece of the DMCA. Its intended to prevent breaking digital rights management software that protects copyrighted media, but as software becomes an increasingly important part of basic consumer devices, its cast a legal pall over myriad non-piracy-related activity. The renewal cycle also means that educators, security researchers, repair technicians, and others will go through this process again in a few years — but for now, theyve seen some welcome changes.