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217846 ZDNET 2021-10-13:
Apple's Unleashed Mac event: What to expect and how to watch
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218032 ZDNET 2021-10-12:
Apple announces Oct. 18 'Unleashed' event. MacBooks and AirPods likely on tap
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Apple's October 18 event: What to expect and how to watch
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“Unleashed”: Apple’s next, probably Mac-focused event happens October 18
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Apple's Unleashed event: What to expect from the rumored M1X processor and new Macs
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Apple Unleashed: New MacBooks are expected—here's what business pros want
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MacBook Pros, an “M1X” chip, and other stuff to expect at Apple’s October event
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Apple should stop using the environment as a sales tactic and start caring for the planet
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Apple Music might be coming to PS5
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Faulty AirPods Pro: Apple quietly extends repair program
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Don't forget: Apple's ultimate goal is to sell more iPhones
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Apple exploring AirPods that take your temperature and monitor posture: report
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Smartphones: Samsung ships the most handsets, but Apple makes most of the profit
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Apple, to hell with your updated MacBook Pro
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Apple just fired a leader of the #AppleToo movement
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Vergecast: HTC’s new VR headset, and what to expect at next week’s tech events
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Apple rehires former HomePod engineer to get its software back on track
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Apple cuts iPhone production due to chip shortage, says Bloomberg
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M1 MacBook Pro vs M1 iPad Pro: Which is quickest in the real world?
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Samsung announces Unpacked 2 event for Wednesday Oct 20th, right after Apple and Google
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The best MacBook builds for 2021
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Apple tries to block Epic’s court win before it takes effect on December 9
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New Apple Watch Series 7 first impressions: It is worth the money?
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Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro: Release date, price specs, rumors, and more
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218056 THEVERGE 2021-10-15:
The M1 Mac Mini has dropped to its lowest price ever at Amazon
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ID: 217846


Date: 2021-10-13

Apple's Unleashed Mac event: What to expect and how to watch

Apple's next keynote event is fast approaching with some exciting anticipated releases. Here's how to watch the latest Apple event as the holiday shopping season kicks off. Apple's product announcement will take place on Monday, Oct. 18. It's a rare Monday event for the company, but it's taking place during an already crowded week of events. On Oct. 19 Google will formally announce the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, and then on Oct. 20, Samsung is holding an Unpacked Part 2 event.  The tagline for the event is "Unleashed." with the invite graphic showing the Apple logo made out of a warp speed or lightspeed-like animation. Presumably, the tagline is in reference to the performance of Apple's next-generation Apple Silicon processors.  But before I cover what we expect at the event, let's break down exactly when it's taking place and how you can watch it.  Apple's Unleashed keynote will be streamed on Monday, Oct. 18, 2021.  Keynote start time: Once again, Apple is holding a virtual event that will be streamed from its Apple Park campus.  You can stream the event a number of different ways: The general consensus from analysts and industry experts alike is that Apple has new MacBook Pro models ready to go. The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros are currently rumored to be powered by a second-generation Apple Silicon processor. In the past, it was rumored that Apple would call the new processor the M1X as a follow-up to the first M1 chip released at the end of 2020. But the name of the chip is up to anyone's guess.  According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the MacBook Pros will have a new design — as hinted at by the new 14-inch display size — that will also feature the return of Apple's MagSafe charger and an HDMI port. There are also reports that the new MacBook Pros will now have a miniLED display with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.  As for the new Apple Silicon processor, Gurman reports that it will have 10 CPU cores, eight of which are considered high-performance cores. Customers will have a graphics option of 16-cores or 32-cores.  Apple is also readying a high-end Mac Mini, according to Gurman. And it's possible we'll see it debut on Oct. 18. The new Mini will use the same processor as the revamped MacBook Pro models.  It would be nice to see Apple bring a new design to the Mac Mini as well. It looks a lot like a bigger Apple TV in its current form, which hasn't significantly changed in over a decade.  This is one rumor that just won't die. For every Apple event over the past year, there's been a report or a rumor that Apple will launch the third-generation entry-level AirPods. The wireless earbuds will supposedly feature a similar design to the AirPods Pro, but with similar features and price to the current standard AirPods.  So will we finally see the AirPods 3 on Oct. 18? Hopefully we do, if for no other reason that this rumor can finally end. What are you hoping to see Apple announced at its Unleashed event on Oct. 18?