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215776 ZDNET 2021-9-7:
Microsoft buys video-editing vendor Clipchamp
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215451 VENTUREBEAT 2021-9-7:
Microsoft acquires web-based video editor Clipchamp
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215380 ARSTECHNICA 2021-9-8:
Windows Movie Maker Redux? Microsoft acquires web-based video editor Clipchamp
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215481 THEVERGE 2021-9-8:
Microsoft’s Clipchamp acquisition will help improve video editing on Windows
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215705 ZDNET 2021-9-10:
Microsoft acquires student-tutor collaboration platform TakeLessons
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215729 ZDNET 2021-9-9:
Microsoft again holds off reopening Redmond campus
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215600 ZDNET 2021-9-7:
Microsoft rebrands its news feed as 'Microsoft Start'
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215386 THEVERGE 2021-9-7:
Microsoft Start is a personalized news feed designed for Windows 11, mobile, and more
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215460 ZDNET 2021-9-8:
Microsoft moves its U.S. Federal team under the Azure engineering organization
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215728 ZDNET 2021-9-9:
Microsoft readies more Teams hybrid meeting features; frees up more LinkedIn remote-work courses
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215611 ZDNET 2021-9-7:
Microsoft, CISA urge use of mitigations and workarounds for Office document vulnerability
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215641 VENTUREBEAT 2021-9-9:
Microsoft launches new Teams, LinkedIn features focused on hybrid work
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215368 VENTUREBEAT 2021-9-8:
Microsoft joins OpenInfra Foundation to support open source infrastructure
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215523 ZDNET 2021-9-7:
Microsoft joins Open Infrastructure Foundation
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215471 ARSTECHNICA 2021-9-7:
Misbehaving Microsoft Teams ad brings down the entire Windows 11 desktop
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215542 ZDNET 2021-9-7:
Out of Office: Microsoft's confusing removal of Chrome OS's Android Office app
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215770 THEVERGE 2021-9-10:
Vimeo adds support for Apple’s iPhone 12 Dolby Vision HDR videos
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215414 ZDNET 2021-9-8:
Ransomware: Take these three steps to protect yourself from attacks and make it easier to recover
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215381 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-9-8:
Microsoft warns of attacks targeting Office documents
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215559 ZDNET 2021-9-3:
Agora touts healthcare, education, workplace and metaverse applications of real time engagement tech
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215714 ZDNET 2021-9-10:
This new Microsoft Teams feature can help make you a better presenter
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215742 ZDNET 2021-9-8:
Microsoft grows Azure Space Australia with Nokia, SA govt and University of Adelaide
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215563 ZDNET 2021-9-5:
Microsoft annoyed me for a year and still tells me to grin and bear it
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215483 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-9-7:
How to fix the "too many redirects" error in Microsoft 365
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215438 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-9-8:
How to enable .docx creation in the Google Docs app
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ID: 215776


Date: 2021-09-07

Microsoft buys video-editing vendor Clipchamp

Microsoft continues working on adding more video creation and editing tools to its stable with its latest acquisition, Clipchamp. For an undisclosed amount, Microsoft has acquired Brisbane, Australia-based Clipchamp, a video-editing and creation platform company. Clipchamp's technology, at some point, will be integrated with Microsoft 365 for consumers, education and business customers, according to Microsoft. Clipchamp already was working with Microsoft as a partner. Clipchamp also had partnered with Google, integrating its video-creation technology with Google Cloud, Google Workspace and Chromebooks. The Google partnership -- along with Microsoft's desire to tap into the video creator community -- are likely reasons for the Microsoft Clipchamp acquisition, announced on September 7. "Video is establishing itself as a new type of 'document' for business, big and small, used inside and outside organizations to pitch an idea, explain a process, or communicate with team members," said Chris Pratley, Corporate Vice President of the Office Media Group, in a blog post announcing the deal. "Whether it's a 10-second social media ad, a 2-minute pitch for a product, or a 20-minute instructional video, Clipchamp and Microsoft will provide the tools and experience you need," Pratley continued. Clipchamp works in-browser and was founded in 2014. Microsoft has been working to integrate video creation, editing and management technology in Office for years. In 2018, Microsoft bought Flipgrid, which makes simple video-creation technology available to the education market. Microsoft also was interested in buying TikTok's U.S. business last year but didn't end up the victor in the weird, politicized bid. Microsoft has integrated its own Stream business video platform in its Office 365/Microsoft 365 service. Microsoft has been rebuilding its Microsoft Stream video service over the next several months. It will be moving it to use SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business for storing and managing videos across Microsoft 365.