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215630 VENTUREBEAT 2021-9-9:
Salesforce beefs up Service Cloud with new automation features
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215775 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-9-9:
Salesforce rolls out AI-powered workflows, contact center updates in Service Cloud
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215789 ZDNET 2021-9-9:
Salesforce updates Service Cloud with Slack "swarming" and other new tools
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IBM launches Watson Assistant capabilities for call center automation
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Workday acquires Zimit for quote-to-cash process automation
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Infosys launches Equinox digital commerce platform
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NCS eyes APAC expansion with data analytics, cloud acquisitions
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Lenovo offers full portfolio, from devices to cloud, as a service
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How to choose the right CRM software
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Digital transformation: Five ways to help your business boost customer experience
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AWS makes EKS Anywhere generally available
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Customer data platform Zeotap raises $11M more
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Multicloud DevOps platform Copado raises $140M
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Customer relationship tracker Affinity nabs $80M
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Intuit buys Mailchimp for $12 billion, eyes end-to-end SMB platform
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IBM Cloud's Serverless Roadmap goes from soup to nuts
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Best cloud migration service 2021
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AWS rolls out EKS Anywhere and EKS Connector
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Your voiceprint could be your new password as companies look to increase security for remote workers
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IBM Watson Assistant aims to expand contact center footprint with AI, automation updates
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Cisco expands its cloud calling portfolio
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What Databricks’ $1.6B funding round means for the enterprise AI market
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The new demand for creativity with AI
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iRobot launches Roomba j7+, Genius 3.0 platform: It takes a lot of AI to avoid poop
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Sumo Logic beats Q2 expectations as it aims to expand platform
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ID: 215630


Date: 2021-09-09

Salesforce beefs up Service Cloud with new automation features

A new GamesBeat event is around the corner! Learn more about what comes next.   Salesforce today announced new AI-powered automation and digital channel technologies for Service Cloud to power features for service agents and customers. The first set of tools aims to predict, route, and solve customer needs, while the second set — voice, video, and text capabilities for digital contact centers — let customers reach out in the most convenient channel for them. Amid the pandemic, customer service has arguably become more important than ever. According to HubSpot, 93% of consumers are more likely to purchase again from brands with exceptional customer service. On the other hand, 51% of customers would never do business with a company after just one negative experience. Back in 2018, Gartner estimated that approximately 25% of customer service operations would use AI and chatbots by 2020. According to a more recent survey, 71% of IT decision-makers believe that AI and automation can improve customer service during the pandemic. Against this backdrop, Service Clouds new Customer Service Incident Management feature automatically connects service cases on the same issue, enabling teams to prioritize based on urgency. Partner integrations power monitoring, alerts, and remediation pipelines — for example, bringing the right experts into a Slack channel to take action and notify customers with status updates on the resolution. Another new Service Cloud addition, expanded automation with Flow, brings a deeper level of process automation to service teams to connect processes across channels and external systems. Flows unify AI capabilities to triage cases, apply routing requirements (e.g., skill-based, queue-based, and direct-to-agent routing), and auto-respond to customers with articles to deflect cases and drive self-service. The complementary Einstein Conversation Mining feature uses natural language processing to identify the most common types of interactions with customers, recommending how to optimize their processes and self-service channels as well as their knowledge bases. On the call center side, asynchronous messaging joins Service Clouds offering, allowing customers to start a chat in-app or on a website and pick up the conversation where it left off. Service Clouds Visual Remote Assistant now enables two-way video and audio for a face-to-face conversation between agent or field technicians and customers. And Service Cloud Voice updates bring together phone, digital channels, and customer relationship management data in a central view for service agents. The Service Cloud enhancements come a day after Salesforce launched new Sales Cloud features for digital channels, including AI-powered insights and self-service options. Those arrived on the heels of tighter Slack integration with Salesforces Customer 360 platform, as well as an expanded partnership between Salesforce and Amazon to launch integrations and no-code applications.