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215462 ZDNET 2021-9-8:
Google Cloud zeroes in on Gaming, taps Stadia exec Jack Buser to lead the way
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215702 THEVERGE 2021-9-9:
Google Stadia’s director of games has left for Google Cloud
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Google Cloud product, engineering reorgs under Calder; Hölzle to focus on Google's technical infrastructure
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Google Cloud courts startups, partners with VC firms
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Lendlease signs Google Cloud to speed up digital transformation strategy
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Google is building a 'next-generation' cloud for Germany
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Google sets new water goals as droughts worsen
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Google taps T-Systems to offer a ‘sovereign cloud’ for German organizations
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Google updates Workspace with more features for hybrid work
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The Gmail app takes calls now, too, because Google wants it to do everything
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How to enable .docx creation in the Google Docs app
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Amazon’s new MMO could come to its Luna cloud gaming service
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Google’s Material You design is coming to Gmail, Calendar, and Docs on Android
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The Series One Desk 27 is a $2,000 Google Meet machine that doubles as a laptop monitor
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Report: Google has illegally underpaid thousands of temp workers since 2019
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Gmail, Meet, Drive and Docs on Android are getting a Material You makeover
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Google and Jio’s smartphone collaboration has been delayed
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Canonical announces new Anbox Cloud Appliance on AWS Marketplace
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NCS eyes APAC expansion with data analytics, cloud acquisitions
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Google debuts new Private Compute features in ramp up of Android security
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DigitalOcean embraces serverless computing with Nimbella acquisition
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Google debuts Meet features, including ‘Companion mode’
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Best cloud migration service 2021
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How to set up two-step verification for your Google account
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AWS rolls out EKS Anywhere and EKS Connector
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ID: 215462


Date: 2021-09-08

Google Cloud zeroes in on Gaming, taps Stadia exec Jack Buser to lead the way

Google Cloud is creating a new executive role focused on Gaming Solutions, hiring Stadia's Jack Buser to help the cloud business build broader industry relationships. Google Cloud is staking its claim in the fast-growing gaming industry, creating a new executive role focused on Gaming Solutions. To spearhead the effort, Google Cloud is tapping Jack Buser, who currently serves as Director for Games for Stadia, Google's cloud gaming platform.  As Google Cloud's Director of Global Gaming Solutions, Buser will report to VP of Industry Solutions Lori Mitchell-Keller. His first day in the new role will be Sept. 13.  Buser's new role sheds light on the evolution of Google's gaming strategy, as it puts more focus on serving as a platform for third-party game publishers and developers. It also cements gaming as a crucial category for Google Cloud, putting it on par with a handful of other key verticals like healthcare, retail and manufacturing. "Google Cloud sees incredible momentum across all industries, and gaming is one of the key verticals we are investing in," a Google Cloud spokesperson told ZDNet.  One of Google's splashiest investments in gaming was the 2019 launch of the gaming streaming platform Stadia. Despite a rocky start and its shift away from in-house game development, Stadia recently added its 200th unique game, Google told ZDNet. Google Cloud, meanwhile, runs services such as Game Servers for managing multi-cluster game server fleets. This year, Google Cloud invested in esports-facing solutions like ActivStat for Call of Duty League.  Google's interest in gaming should come as no surprise. The industry is sizable and growing -- generating around $175.8 billion via consumer spending in 2021, according to research firm Newzoo. Due to the pandemic, the gaming industry actually generated slightly more in 2020, growing more than 23 percent year-over-year to hit $177.8 billion. While there was a slight dip this year, the global gaming market is expected to exceed $200 billion by 2023.  Meanwhile, players in the past year have moved more to mobile and cross-platform games.  Amid this backdrop, Buser will help Google Cloud develop broader relationships with game publishers and developers. The idea, Google said, is to connect with players through a holistic suite of products and services. The tech giant could offer, for instance, end-to-end collaboration solutions that include YouTube as a streaming partner for live broadcasts or e-sporting events. The move should help Stadia as well, Google Cloud says, arguing it should bring new partnership and product opportunities across both Stadia and Google Cloud.  Buser spent more than five years helping to create Stadia from the ground up, securing partnerships with leading game publishers and developers. Before joining Google, Buser spent nearly a decade in general management roles at PlayStation, building platforms like PlayStation Now, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Home.  "Jack's hire illustrates Google Cloud's continued investment into our global, customer-first gaming strategy and his five years at Google will help open doors for broader strategic partnerships with customers across YouTube, Stadia, and more," Mitchell-Keller said in a statement. "Jack brings 20 years of experience within the industry as well as a unique blend of business and technical knowledge to further expand our ability to serve gaming customers." While Buser is moving to Google Cloud, Stadia's GM Phil Harrison remains at the helm of the gaming service. Michael Abbttista, Stadia's Director of Business Development, continues to lead Stadia's partner relations teams.