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212209 VENTUREBEAT 2021-7-20:
Nvidia releases TensorRT 8 for faster AI inference
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212447 ZDNET 2021-7-20:
Nvidia announces launch of TensorRT 8 designed for chatbots, recommendations, and search
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Untether AI nabs $125M for AI acceleration chips
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OpenAI disbands its robotics research team
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What to do when AI brings more questions than answers
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Employees want more AI to boost productivity, study finds
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Airbnb CTO says graph neural networks will be big in 2021
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Lucata raises $11.9M to accelerate graph analytics with specialized hardware
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Scaling AI and data science – 10 smart ways to move from pilot to production
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Facebook’s BlenderBot 2.0 bot surfs the web for knowledge
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AI Weekly: Can AI predict labor market trends?
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Announcing the AI Innovation Awards winners at Transform 2021
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Contentsquare acquires Upstride to speed up AI innovation for digital business
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AI and financial processes: Balancing risk and reward
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Ars AI headline experiment finale—we came, we saw, we used a lot of compute time
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Bias in AI isn’t an enterprise priority, but it should be, survey warns
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Freshworks: 93% of IT managers have deployed AI, or plan to soon
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OpenAI Codex shows the limits of large language models
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Unit4: 83% of finance pros expect to upskill on AI in 2 years
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DNSFilter nabs $30M to fight DNS threats with AI
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Equipping AI with emotional intelligence can improve outcomes
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Algorithmia founder on MLOps’ promise and pitfalls
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AI adoption and analytics are rising, survey finds
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DeepMind open-sources AlphaFold 2 for protein structure predictions
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BlueOcean raises $15M to measure brand sentiment with AI
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ID: 212209


Date: 2021-07-20

Nvidia releases TensorRT 8 for faster AI inference

All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Watch now. Nvidia today announced the release of TensorRT 8, the latest version of its software development kit (SDK) designed for AI and machine learning inference. Built for deploying AI models that can power search engines, ad recommendations, chatbots, and more, Nvidia claims that TensorRT 8 cuts inference time in half for language queries compared with the previous release of TensorRT. Models are growing increasingly complex, and demand is on the rise for real-time deep learning applications. According to a recent OReilly survey, 86.7% of organizations are now considering, evaluating, or putting into production AI products. And Deloitte reports that 53% of enterprises adopting AI spent more than $20 million in 2019 and 2020 on technology and talent. TensorRT essentially dials a models mathematical coordinates to a balance of the smallest model size with the highest accuracy for the system itll run on. Nvidia claims that TensorRT-based apps perform up to 40 times faster than CPU-only platforms during inference, and that TensorRT 8-specific optimizations allow BERT-Large — one of the most popular Transformer-based models — to run in 1.2 milliseconds. Sparsity, a performance technique leveraged by Nvidias Ampere architecture GPUs, among others, increases efficiency in TensorRT 8 by reducing computational operations. Meanwhile, quantization-aware training enables developers to use trained models to run inference without sacrificing much accuracy. [Its] imperative for enterprises to deploy state-of-the-art inferencing solutions, Nvidia VP of developer programs Greg Estes said in a press release. The latest version of TensorRT introduces new capabilities that enable companies to deliver conversational AI applications to their customers with a level of quality and responsiveness that was never before possible. Nvidia claims that in the five years since its initial release, TensorRT has been downloaded nearly 2.5 million times and used by more than 350,000 developers across 27,500 companies in domains including health care, automotive, finance, and retail. Hugging Face worked with Nvidia to launch AI text analysis, neural search, and conversational AI services, while GE Healthcare tapped the SDK to bolster its computer vision systems for ultrasounds, improving the performance of its cardiac view detection algorithm. Were closely collaborating with Nvidia to deliver the best possible performance for state-of-the-art models on Nvidia GPUs, Hugging Face product director Jeff Boudier said in a statement. With TensorRT 8, Hugging Face achieved 1-millisecond inference latency on BERT, and were excited to offer this performance to our customers later this year. TensorRT 8 is now generally available to members of the Nvidia Developer program. The latest versions of plug-ins, parsers, and samples are also available as open source from the TensorRT GitHub repository.