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209703 THEVERGE 2021-6-10:
How Joe Biden’s order could be bad news for TikTok
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209382 THEVERGE 2021-6-9:
Biden revokes and replaces Trump orders banning TikTok and WeChat
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209829 ZDNET 2021-6-10:
Biden revokes Trump-era executive orders that sought to ban AliPay, TikTok, WeChat
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209845 ZDNET 2021-6-11:
China passes new laws to hit back at foreign sanctions
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209455 THEVERGE 2021-6-9:
TikTok hired some of its best animators for an anti-bullying campaign
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Brazilian government organizes US visit to speed up 5G auction
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Google kills its augmented reality “Measure” app
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209752 ARSTECHNICA 2021-6-10:
Keystone XL pipeline canceled after Biden scraps US permit
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Supreme Court ruling stifles FTC effort to penalize MoviePass for data mismanagement and user throttling
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The Trump administration forced Apple to secretly reveal at least two Democrats’ data
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Frequent run-ins with Indian government complicates tech giants’ plans
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Responding to the unexpected: How you react can make or break your business
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Federal Court approves AU$112m compensation in settlement for robo-debt failure
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Apple admits why its own Files app was ranked first when users searched for competitor Dropbox
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Here are a bunch of iOS 15 features that Apple didn’t mention earlier
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Health highlights challenges with genomic information under current Privacy Act
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Senate approves billions for US semiconductor manufacturing
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Five new bills aim to break up Big Tech platforms, force them to play nice
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Card Broken: 1000 arrests made in Chinese crackdown on fraud, cryptocurrency laundering
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The CEO and CFO of Lordstown Motors both just resigned
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Apple outlined plans to increase consumer data privacy at WWDC
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Chip shortages lead to more counterfeit chips and devices
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The Senate just agreed $52 billion to boost US chip making. It's going to take a lot more
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Vergecast WWDC: iOS 15, spatial audio, macOS Monterey, and more
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209809 ZDNET 2021-6-10:
Biden administration forms new AI task force
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ID: 209703


Date: 2021-06-10

How Joe Biden’s order could be bad news for TikTok

Last summer, former President Trump cast TikTok as the mascot for the USs growing concerns over China when he signed a series of executive orders to erase the popular short video platform off app stores. It set off a wave of lawsuits keeping the orders from going into effect but left the door open for a future administration to take more serious action. Thats what President Joe Biden did Wednesday when he signed his own order revoking these Trump-era bans and beginning the process to set new rules for software tied to the Chinese government. Bidens order laid out a fresh framework for identifying the actual national security risks posed by these apps — a stark contrast with the chaos spurred on by Trumps individual bans. Over the last few days, the Biden administration has ramped up on action against China. The White House is sensitive about appearing soft on China policy compared Trump, and action against the US adversary has broadly seen bipartisan support. But in some ways, the Biden order could pose a more significant threat to TikTok and other apps with purported ties to the Chinese government. In contrast with Trumps sweeping bans, the Biden order creates a system for evaluating a slew of foreign-owned apps and recommending more intensive action. The Trump-era bans havent held up because of ongoing court challenges, but this new process could provide new evidence to make it easier for future bans to take effect. This is the White House trying to come up with a clever solution that they believe is more defensible in court, Jason Waite, leader of Alston and Birds International Trade and Regulatory Group said. It still allows them to take the action, the ultimate action, if they want to. The Biden order doesnt address actions or investigations going on at the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS. Trumps bans kicked off a bidding war last year between huge tech companies like Microsoft and Oracle to take over Bytedances (TikToks owner) stake in the company and keep the app live in the US. A new system at the Commerce Department could incentivize CFIUS and Bytedance to reach a divestiture agreement faster before the government comes to its own conclusions. The [Trump] TikTok and WeChat orders served as leverage to get them to complete the CFIUS review, Waite said. In some ways, this maintains that leverage and you could argue that it preserves or restores it because the other orders had been running into trouble in the courts. All eyes will be on the Commerce Department in the coming months — but Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo has largely avoided commenting on what she could do about TikTok. In April, Raimondo said that she would take aggressive action against China but did not directly address specific companies like TikTok and WeChat.