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209624 ZDNET 2021-6-7:
The cost of ransomware attacks worldwide will go beyond $265 billion in the next decade
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209673 ZDNET 2021-6-10:
Ransomware: Meat firm JBS says it paid out $11m after attack
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209253 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-6-4:
Ransomware: A cheat sheet for professionals
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209420 ZDNET 2021-6-9:
This new ransomware group claims to have breached over 30 organisations so far
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209658 ZDNET 2021-6-8:
A deep dive into Nefilim, a ransomware group with an eye for $1bn+ revenue companies
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209589 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-6-8:
Feds recover $2.3 million in cryptocurrency paid by Colonial Pipeline in ransomware attack
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209236 ZDNET 2021-6-4:
Ransomware: Ireland's health service remains 'significantly' disrupted weeks after attack
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209615 ZDNET 2021-6-4:
FBI, DOJ to treat ransomware attacks with similar priority as terrorism
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209531 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-6-8:
3 things you might not know about modern ransomware and how Nefilim makes money
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209596 ZDNET 2021-6-7:
‘Majority’ of ransom paid by Colonial Pipeline seized and returned by DOJ
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209627 ZDNET 2021-6-7:
Ransomware warning: There's been another spike in attacks on schools and universities
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209430 ARSTECHNICA 2021-6-7:
US seizes $2.3 million Colonial Pipeline paid to ransomware attackers
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209273 ARSTECHNICA 2021-6-4:
Ransomware will now get priority treatment at the Justice Department
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209642 ZDNET 2021-6-7:
After DOJ arrest of Latvian Trickbot coder, experts highlight public-private efforts to tackle cybercrime
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209803 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-6-10:
Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities, ransomware lead spring 2021 cyberattack trends
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209264 ZDNET 2021-6-4:
Hackers use Colonial pipeline ransomware news for phishing attack
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Industrial systems under siege from ransomware
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Constituent platform used by Congress hit with ransomware as NYC faces legal department hack
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Mystery malware steals 26M passwords from millions of PCs. Are you affected?
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209608 ZDNET 2021-6-7:
US Justice Department accuses Latvian national of deploying Trickbot malware
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209415 VENTUREBEAT 2021-6-8:
Bain and Crosspoint Capital acquire ExtraHop in $900M deal
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209188 VENTUREBEAT 2021-6-4:
Imperva: 75.9% of stolen data in breaches involve personal information
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209607 ZDNET 2021-6-6:
NSW Health confirms data breached due to Accellion vulnerability
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209527 ZDNET 2021-6-9:
FBI touts arrest of hundreds thanks to fake app
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209828 ZDNET 2021-6-9:
Brazil sees ICT recruitment boom in 2021
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ID: 209624


Date: 2021-06-07

The cost of ransomware attacks worldwide will go beyond $265 billion in the next decade

Ransomware has been likened to a hydra -- cut off one head, and more appear in its place. The cost of ransomware incidents worldwide is expected to spiral out of control, exceeding $265 billion by 2031.  Ransomware is now one of the most potentially damaging -- and a very popular -- types of malware. If ransomware lands on a vulnerable system, files are usually encrypted, users are locked out, and payment is demanded, usually in cryptocurrency, in return for a decryption key.  In a more recent evolution of the applications of ransomware, operators will also steal information during an attack and will threaten to publish this information on leak sites on the dark web or sell it on, doubling the pressure for victims to pay up.  At present, some of the most well-known groups that have turned ransomware into a lucrative 'business' opportunity are Maze, Nefilim, Clop, and DarkSide, the latter of which left the scene -- at least, under that name -- after extorting Colonial Pipeline out of $4.4 million following a devastating attack that disrupted fuel supplies across the United States.  Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that the damage caused by ransomware could cost the worldwide stage $265 billion by 2031, based on this type of cybercrime attacking both enterprises and consumers at a rate of one attack every few seconds.  Currently, the cybersecurity agency estimates that ransomware will cost us approximately $20 billion this year, a 57x jump from 2015.  The latest estimates released by the company have been generated based on a 30% growth in incidents year-over-year. Ransomware infections can result in costly insurance premiums and payouts, the need to hire cyberforensics firms to investigate incidents, damage limitation or system repair, data loss, and potentially payments made to attackers to retrieve critical systems or prevent data from being leaked.  The latest estimate also includes during and post-attack business disruption, reputational harm, and the expense of employee training following a ransomware incident.  Palo Alto Networks suggests that ransomware payouts alone have surged from $115,123 in 2019 to $312,493 in 2020, a 171% year-over-year increase. The largest demand recorded in recent years is $30 million. Despite government officials across the globe becoming involved, including figures such as US President Biden who recently signed an executive order demanding that federal agencies work toward improving the country's cybersecurity posture, ransomware incidents are only becoming worse.  " Despite authorities' recent success in busting several ransomware gangs, this particular breed of malware has proven to be a hydra -- cut off one head and several appear in its place -- and all signs are that the coming decade will be no less problematic," Cybersecurity Ventures noted.  Have a tip? Get in touch securely via WhatsApp | Signal at +447713 025 499, or over at Keybase: charlie0