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209562 ZDNET 2021-6-9:
Fastly's global outage: Here's what went wrong
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209507 VENTUREBEAT 2021-6-9:
Software bug to blame for global internet outage, Fastly says
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209482 THEVERGE 2021-6-9:
Fastly claims single customer responsible for widespread internet outage
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209649 ZDNET 2021-6-8:
A massive outage just took large sections of the internet offline
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209544 ARSTECHNICA 2021-6-8: broke the Internet for an hour this morning
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Lax security around URL shortener exposed PII of US retailer Carter’s customer base
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Komodor automates Kubernetes troubleshooting for faster code updates
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209787 ZDNET 2021-6-11:
Wild weather sees Victorian NBN outages stretch into weekend
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209514 VENTUREBEAT 2021-6-9:
Enterprise CMS Contentstack raises $57.5M
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209846 ZDNET 2021-6-11:
Google ends push for Chrome address bar to only show domain name
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209798 ZDNET 2021-6-11:
ACMA sees 15% drop in total telco complaints even though they're taking longer to resolve
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209660 ZDNET 2021-6-9:
SurveyMonkey rebrands as Momentive, aims to take on Qualtrics in experience management software
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209625 ZDNET 2021-6-7:
Patch now: Attackers are hunting for this critical VMware vCentre flaw
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209415 VENTUREBEAT 2021-6-8:
Bain and Crosspoint Capital acquire ExtraHop in $900M deal
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209577 VENTUREBEAT 2021-6-9:
Google bolsters cloud push with new Firmina subsea cable
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HBO Max update fixes the worst of its Apple TV woes
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Seven ways to make real-time technology real for your organization
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Wix partners with Stripe, HP to launch Wix POS
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It’s not just you, HBO Max has been busted for days
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210116 ZDNET 2021-6-12:
Customer experience now the top technology priority, but organizations aren't quite ready
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How to secure your WordPress login with 2FA
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NBN floats options for killing off CVC charges
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209678 ARSTECHNICA 2021-6-11:
Google Chrome ends its war on address bar URLs—for now, at least
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209749 VENTUREBEAT 2021-6-10:
Data flow automation engine Prefect raises $32M
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209390 VENTUREBEAT 2021-6-9:
Why AppDynamics CPO says full-stack observability is the post-pandemic key to competitiveness
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ID: 209562


Date: 2021-06-09

Fastly's global outage: Here's what went wrong

Content delivery network details the cause of an outage that knocked a big chunk of the web offline. Content delivery network (CDN) Fastly has explained its major outage yesterday, which knocked out many of the world's top websites, from Amazon to ZDNet.  The breadth of the outage demonstrated once again how CDNs, which bring content to end users from globally distributed points of presence (POPs), can also be a single point of failure.  Fastly has POPs across the globe running on solid state drives (SSDs) that make up its "edge cloud" for delivering web content from data centers that are closer to end users. Instead of accessing a website's servers directly, users access a cache of the site from cache storage maintained by the CDN.  Network security policy (TechRepublic Premium) Its global outage yesterday briefly prevented web users from accessing The Guardian, the Financial Times, The New York Times, ZDNet, Reddit, Twitch, Amazon, PayPal, and the UK government website  Nick Rockwell, Fastly's senior vice president of engineering, said the hour-long outage happened because a customer pushed a configuration change that triggered the undiscovered software bug.  Rockwell doesn't explain what exactly happened, other than saying that on May 12, the company deployed a software update that "introduced a bug that could be triggered by a specific customer configuration under specific circumstances." Then yesterday, June 8, a customer pushed a configuration change that met the conditions to trigger the bug, which caused 85% of its network to return errors. End users visiting affected sites saw the "Error 503 Service Unavailable" error message in browsers.  Fastly yesterday said that issue was causing customers to see an "increased origin load and lower Cache Hit Ratio (CHR)". CHR is a measure of how many requests a cache can deliver compared to how many requests it receives. " Once the immediate effects were mitigated, we turned our attention to fixing the bug and communicating with our customers. We created a permanent fix for the bug and began deploying it at 17:25," said Rockwell.  The disruption began at 9:47 UTC.  Fastly is the seventh largest CDN provider, following Google, Cloudflare, F5, Amazon CloudFront, and jsDelivr, according to Datanyze. GDPR: Fines increased by 40% last year, and they're about to get a lot bigger The pitfall of CDNs is that when they go down, as Cloudflare did in 2019 – due to a buggy configuration change – users can't access websites that rely on the CDN to deliver content.  Rockwell recognized that the company should have seen this bug before the customer accidentally triggered it. He also apologized to customers.  "Even though there were specific conditions that triggered this outage, we should have anticipated it. We provide mission-critical services, and we treat any action that can cause service issues with the utmost sensitivity and priority," he wrote.   "We apologize to our customers and those who rely on them for the outage and sincerely thank the community for its support."