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209511 VENTUREBEAT 2021-6-9:
Snowflake integrates Talend to help enterprises verify cloud data
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Snowflake announces new data marketplace and ‘powered’ collaborations
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Snowflake previews data marketplace, governance tools, management features
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DotData extracts key data features to make machine learning useful
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What is a data workbench, and does your organization need one?
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How to accelerate your data initiatives without hiring a data officer
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RudderStack targets developers with open source customer data platform
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Why it's time to figure out how to keep personal information private, yet useful
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NSW Rural Fire Service uses data to make decisions about volunteer deployment
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People analytics startup ChartHop raises $35M
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Cyber risk platform Brinqa nabs $110M amid surge in breaches
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Canberra certifies three data centre providers to store sensitive government data
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Data flow automation engine Prefect raises $32M
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McDonald’s suffers data breach in the US, South Korea, and Taiwan
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McDonald's suffers cyberattack in US, South Korea and Taiwan
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Best hyperconverged infrastructure systems vendors 2021
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New iPhone Health app feature gives doctors easier access to data
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Grafana Labs debuts new data tracing and observability features
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Cyberpunk 2077 developer says its hacked data is circulating online
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Salesforce launches AI-powered research agent to help sales teams increase leads
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ID: 209511


Date: 2021-06-09

Snowflake integrates Talend to help enterprises verify cloud data

Elevate your enterprise data technology and strategy at Transform 2021. Today, Talend and data warehousing giant Snowflake will announce a major boost to their partnership, specifically the full integration of Talends machine learning-based Trust Score into Snowflakes environment. The arrangement will allow Talend, an open source data integration platform, to reach more customers, while making it easier for Snowflake users, including non-experts, to make better sense of their data and maintain compliance. Weve had all those tools for specialists for a long time. Theyre still there in Talend, and if youre a data quality specialist, we give you all the tools you need to do very complete work, Christophe Toum, senior director of product management at Talend, told VentureBeat. What weve done [here] is weve taken the best practices, looked at all the different dimensions of data quality — validity, completeness, uniqueness, and other other dimensions — and we packaged this data quality into a trust score. We do the heavy lifting. We give you something thats easy to understand. The announcement will be made at Snowflakes Summit 2021. Yesterday at the event, Snowflake previewed data marketplace, governance tools, and management features, also announcing the general availability of a marketplace that would allow organizations to sell data based on usage. Prior to this announcement, Snowflake considered Talend an Elite Partner, which — among other criteria — means the two companies share over 1,000 customers, and therefore business interests. The distinction made Talend eligible for dedicated Snowflake resources. Snowflake also previously selected Talend for a private preview of Snowpark, which ultimately led to the companies leveling up their arrangement with this full integration. Now, the integration will make it possible for enterprises to run checks on entire data sets with a simple click, without the use of external applications or moving sample sets. And because Talends algorithms will run, compute, and scale entirely natively within Snowflake using Snowpark and Java UDF, the data never leaves the environment. This can reduce risk, complexity, and cost, while also making it easier to meet compliance requirements, according to the companies. With this integration, Talend becomes the first partner to leverage Snowpark and Java UDF to run an application natively inside Snowflake. The capability will be available for all Snowflake customers beginning in Q4 2021. This isnt Snowflakes only recent partnership aimed at easing its customers data experiences. In May, the company announced a partnership with ZoomInfo, using a subscription-based B2B intelligence platform to help with the integration of business contact data, specifically. While not part of the announcement, Toum also gave VentureBeat a look into whats next for Talends data offerings: a new concept called data health. The idea is that the Trust Score is only one ingredient for ensuring the full health of data and data management, and that this new product would help customers not only act on findings, but do so in a preventative way. Thats going to go a lot further than just giving you the diagnosis, he said. We actually want to give you the health system for prevention, vaccine, and cure. When ready for deployment, the new offering will be rolled into the Snowflake partnership.