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208835 VENTUREBEAT 2021-5-28:
Relativity acquires Text IQ to augment AI platform for lawyers
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208878 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-5-27:
Relativity acquires Text IQ to bring unstructured data analytics to its compliance products
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208510 VENTUREBEAT 2021-5-25:
AI-powered financial research platform Sentieo nabs $20M
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Lemonade Insurance faces backlash for claiming AI system could automatically deny claims
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The power of synthetic images to train AI models
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AI is having a big impact, but not how you think
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Baidu debuts updated AI framework and R&D initiative
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KPMG survey finds execs worry about AI hype — but they can address it
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65% of execs can’t explain how their AI models make decisions, survey finds
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Report finds startling disinterest in ethical, responsible use of AI among business leaders
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AI Weekly: GoodAI aims to fund research on fundamental AI challenge
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Scared, human? Emotion-detection AI meets eye-tracking technology
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Databricks unifies data science and engineering with a federated data mesh
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208751 VENTUREBEAT 2021-5-27:
Nvidia, NERSC claim Perlmutter is world’s fastest AI supercomputer
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BlueOcean unveils sentiment analytics API for tracking brands
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Applied AI takes the spotlight at Build 2021
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AI gaining traction in the workplace
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Imperva launches tool to automate enterprise data privacy compliance
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US Energy Department launches the Perlmutter AI supercomputer
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Databricks ups AI ante with new AutoML engine and feature store
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Human Rights Commission calls for a freeze on 'high-risk' facial recognition
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Data collaboration platform Atlan nabs $16.5M
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AI in a post-pandemic economy
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Microsoft uses GPT-3 to add AI features to Power Apps
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208762 VENTUREBEAT 2021-5-26:
ThoughtSpot adds support for Databricks ‘lakehouse’ to analytics platform
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ID: 208835


Date: 2021-05-28

Relativity acquires Text IQ to augment AI platform for lawyers

Elevate your enterprise data technology and strategy at Transform 2021. Relativity, provider of a platform that enables legal teams to aggregate large volumes of unstructured data, yesterday announced it has acquired Text IQ as part of an effort to embed AI technologies deeper within its core platform. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The companies have an existing partnership, but the acquisition will allow Relativity to expand its reach further into the realms of compliance and data privacy, Relativity CEO Mike Gamson told VentureBeat. Text IQ employs unsupervised machine learning (ML), graphical modeling, social network analysis (SNA), natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning algorithms to identify the data most relevant to a legal case. This includes data that is privileged or might contain personally identifiable information (PII) that would be relevant to a case involving, for example, the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enacted by the European Union. Text IQ also identifies social networks from unstructured data using a Socio-Linguistic Hypergraph that establishes relationships between individuals, how they communicate, and how they communicate differently with different groups of people. The company claims it finds every trace of a person in a dataset, which is not something any human can achieve on their own. Relativitys platform aggregates all the data in a way that makes it simple to apply Text IQs AI technologies to it. In combination, these platforms reduce the total cost of a legal proceeding while ostensibly accelerating the rate at which cases can be resolved, Gamson added. In fact, Text IQ claims its platform reduces the time and cost of conducting privilege reviews by up to 75% while also reducing the risk that privileged information might be inadvertently shared. The Text IQ platform employs an unsupervised approach that allows AI models to be trained using all the raw data available, rather than employing a subset of data selected by humans. A supervised approach to training makes it much more likely unconscious biases will be injected into an AI model, Gamson explained. Relativity claims its platform is already employed by hundreds of law firms as judges continue to encourage lawyers to embrace AI technologies to accelerate the pace of litigation. We like to say we cut the time it takes to get to the truth, Gamson said. The Text IQ platform will continue to be sold as a standalone offering, but over time more of the AI capabilities developed by Text IQ will be integrated into the Relativity platform, Gamson added. The company claims its platform has more than 300,000 users. Its not clear what impact AI will have on the legal profession. Many of the research tasks that were once performed by interns and junior partners are clearly being automated. However, automating rote tasks will free up time for lawyers to launch additional lawsuits. The caseload each lawyer manages may simply expand, resulting in a lot more lawsuits. One way or another, the proverbial AI genie is now out of the bag. Law firms that are not able to leverage AI to change the way they operate will over time be forced to limit the number of cases they can handle or outright close. But not every law firm is in a position to absorb the upfront costs AI initiatives incur. Still, the technology is continuing to advance. AI models employing speech interfaces might even one day help argue a case in court. However, the immediate priority is reducing the current backlog of cases that often take a long time to resolve simply because the discovery process is too slow.