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208828 VENTUREBEAT 2021-5-27:
Amazon launches ECS Anywhere in general availability
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208866 ZDNET 2021-5-27:
AWS announces GA of ECS Anywhere for on-premise container management
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208723 ZDNET 2021-5-26:
AWS announces three new data centres in the Middle East
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208744 VENTUREBEAT 2021-5-27:
Amazon AWS launches Redshift ML to let developers train models with SQL
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208572 THEVERGE 2021-5-26:
Andy Jassy will become Amazon’s CEO on July 5th
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208474 THEVERGE 2021-5-25:
Amazon workers demand company quit polluting near communities of color
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208840 VENTUREBEAT 2021-5-28:
Blue Prism 7 shifts focus from RPA to programmable digital workers
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208821 ZDNET 2021-5-28:
Infrastructure is so 2019: Serverless computing usage tripled over the past year
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208972 VENTUREBEAT 2021-5-31:
Asapp releases dataset to help develop better customer service AI
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208515 ZDNET 2021-5-26:
New Relic brings instant Kubernetes observability into New Relic One
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208602 ARSTECHNICA 2021-5-25:
Amazon’s most-favored nation clauses slammed in lawsuit filed by Washington, DC
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208712 ZDNET 2021-5-25:
Oracle launches Arm instances, support for Arm-based app development
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208901 ZDNET 2021-5-27:
Commonwealth Bank customers to see balances from other banks in-app
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208697 ZDNET 2021-5-25:
Amazon wants to crack Sweden. This could turn out to be its biggest challenge yet
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208604 ZDNET 2021-5-25:
Atlassian launches Forge, a new cloud app development platform
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209000 ARSTECHNICA 2021-5-29:
Amazon devices will soon automatically share your Internet with neighbors
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208459 ZDNET 2021-5-26:
Amazon buys MGM for $8.45 billion in second largest acquisition to date
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4 ways to move your custom legacy apps to the cloud
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208628 VENTUREBEAT 2021-5-26:
App observability and debugging platform Lightrun sees $23M
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208757 ZDNET 2021-5-28:
GDPR: EU privacy watchdog probing the use of AWS and Azure cloud services
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A closer look at Google’s spring data and analytics rollouts
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208622 VENTUREBEAT 2021-5-26:
API vulnerability detection firm Salt Security raises $70M
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209132 ZDNET 2021-5-28:
Cisco announces new country manager for Brazil
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208494 THEVERGE 2021-5-25:
Hundreds of Amazon employees call for Jeff Bezos and Andy Jassy to support Palestine
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209108 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-5-28:
Docker expands its trusted container offerings
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ID: 208828


Date: 2021-05-27

Amazon launches ECS Anywhere in general availability

Elevate your enterprise data technology and strategy at Transform 2021. Amazon today announced the launch in general availability of Amazon ECS Anywhere, an extension of the companys Elastic Container Service (ECS) that allows Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to deploy native Amazon ECS tasks in any computing environment. Amazon says that the service includes the traditional AWS managed infrastructure, as well as customer-managed infrastructure and a fully managed control plan running in the cloud. ECS Anywhere is designed for AWS customers whove made significant capital investments in their datacenters or who operate in highly regulated industries, Amazon says. While these customers may be all-in on cloud, they also have to consider practical constraints like financial resources or specialized workloads that inhibit them. Their deployment requirements may go beyond AWS-owned infrastructure, and they might not be able to afford to use different container management technologies for different deployment targets. Amazon describes ECS Anywhere as an infrastructure-agnostic product that works with virtual machines, bare-metal hardware, and other infrastructure types running supported operating systems. In disconnected scenarios, ECS Anywhere tasks continue running on customer managed infrastructure, while cloud connectivity is required to update or scale the tasks or to connect to other in-region AWS services at runtime. With ECS Anywhere, customers can run and manage container-based apps on-premises using the same APIs, cluster management, workload scheduling, monitoring, and deployment pipelines they use with ECS in AWS. ECS Anywhere provides a container orchestration service that allows customers to run, scale, and secure container apps on local infrastructure in addition to all AWS regions, AWS local zones, edge locations, and hybrid infrastructure deployments. There arent any upfront fees or commitments to use Amazon ECS Anywhere, and customers pay only for the container instances they run. ECS Anywhere users can use the ECS control plane — which is where ECS cluster objects can be defined — and the AWS Systems Manager agent will install on customer-managed operating systems and turn those operating systems into managed instances. A converged version of the open source Amazon ECS agent will install on these managed instances and these instances will register into an ECS cluster previously defined in the control plane. A new launch type and compatibility requirement will be introduced, allowing the Amazon ECS control plane to run tasks on non-AWS managed infrastructure. ECS tasks will have, for example, a task role and a task execution role assigned, Massimo Re Ferre, principal technologist at AWS, explained in a blog post. This means they will be able to interact, if need be, with cloud services … as if they were deployed. However, there will also be effectively local resources running on customer managed operating system and with local network connectivity. This will allow Amazon ECS applications deployed externally to appreciate low latency and high bandwidth when connecting to services running in proximity in the same data center. Customers and partners currently using ECS Anywhere include Siemens, CyberAgent, Getir, and Infosys among others, according to VP of compute services at AWS Deepak Singh. Canonical is leveraging it to offer Ubuntu for container workloads, while Aqua Security is using ECS Anywhere to help clients build cloud-native apps that meet certain compliance requirements. Customers have told us that while they need to run containers on their own infrastructure, they dont want the hassle of operating their own cluster management software, Singh said in a press release. With Amazon ECS Anywhere, we are proud to provide our customers exactly what theyve asked for — a single service and control plane to manage their container deployments.