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206715 ARSTECHNICA 2021-4-28:
Facing uncharted waters, Apple reports 54% year-over-year revenue increase
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206822 ZDNET 2021-4-28:
Apple's Q2 crushes estimates as iPhone, Mac, iPad sales surge; Apple now has 660 million subscriptions
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206777 ARSTECHNICA 2021-4-29:
Leaks: May 21 will be the launch day for the new iMac, iPad Pro, and Apple TV
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206817 ZDNET 2021-4-28:
Facebook tops Q1 estimates as ad prices rise
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206406 VENTUREBEAT 2021-4-26:
Apple will focus on machine learning, AI jobs in new NC campus
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206813 ZDNET 2021-4-29:
Citrix misses Q1 earnings targets amid supply chain challenges, business model shift
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206626 ZDNET 2021-4-26:
Apple to open North Carolina campus as part of $430 billion US investment
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206546 ZDNET 2021-4-27:
AMD stock jumps as Q1 results crush expectations, forecast goes much higher
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206502 ZDNET 2021-4-28:
Starbucks leverages loyalty program, digital to navigate customers' new normal
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206633 ZDNET 2021-4-26:
NXP Semiconductors delivers Q1 revenue in line with expectations
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206553 ZDNET 2021-4-27:
Juniper Q1 and outlook top expectations even as global chip shortage weighs
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206818 ZDNET 2021-4-28:
ServiceNow's Q1 strong as company's workflow automation tools gain traction
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206819 ZDNET 2021-4-28:
Qualcomm stock surges as fiscal Q2 results top expectations, outlook is even stronger
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206533 ZDNET 2021-4-27:
FireEye Q1 revenue, EPS top expectations, forecast higher, shares rise
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206838 ZDNET 2021-4-29:
Huawei first quarter sales down 16.5% thanks to Honor sale
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206504 ARSTECHNICA 2021-4-27:
Report: Apple’s M2 chip has entered production and will ship as soon as July
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206704 THEVERGE 2021-4-29:
Amazon crosses $100 billion in sales in huge first quarter
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206480 ARSTECHNICA 2021-4-27:
EU to charge Apple with anticompetitive behavior this week
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206610 ZDNET 2021-4-25:
Apple's new iMac. Wait, is that a huge, slightly ugly iPhone?
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206744 THEVERGE 2021-4-30:
The colorful M1 iMac, Mini LED iPad Pro, and refreshed Apple TV 4K are available to preorder now
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206847 ZDNET 2021-4-29:
AWS hits $54 billion annual run rate
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206500 VENTUREBEAT 2021-4-28:
AMD bets on strong demand for chips as revenue soars 93%
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206780 VENTUREBEAT 2021-4-29:
Acorio: Digital transformation was the top business initiative in 2021
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206846 ZDNET 2021-4-29:
Atlassian rising as fiscal Q3 tops expectations, Q4 revenue view higher
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206402 ARSTECHNICA 2021-4-26:
New versions of macOS, watchOS, and tvOS hit supported devices today
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ID: 206715


Date: 2021-04-28

Facing uncharted waters, Apple reports 54% year-over-year revenue increase

Chip shortages and a waning pandemic might make growth unsustainable, though. Apple released its Q2 2021 earnings report to investors today after the bell, and it was another huge year —so huge, in fact, that investors are concerned it's not sustainable as the world enters a new, later phase of the pandemic. Apple reported double-digit growth in every product category. Mac and iPad revenue were up 70.1 percent and 78.9 percent from last year ($9.10 billion and $7.8 billion, respectively), and the iPhone was up 65.5 percent (to $47.94 billion). Both Apple CEO Tim Cook and analysts have called the iPhone 12 launch a "super cycle," in which adoption, upgrades, and sales are particularly strong due to various factors. As for services, that business segment saw 26.7 percent growth year over year (to $16.9 billion), with an all-time revenue record of $16.9 billion—up 27 percent over a year ago. " Other Products," which most notably includes wearables like the Apple Watch and AirPods, saw 24 percent growth, reaching $7.83 billion in revenue. On a call with investors, Apple executive Tim Cook and others from the company fielded questions about the sustainability of this kind of revenue and growth in light of a partial transition out of a pandemic lockdown mindset in some regions. Analysts and Apple itself have both said that the company's products have thrived amidst the pandemic. For example, Mac sales have gone up in part because of a rise in remote work and school, though the introduction of the M1 chip last fall also likely played a part. Further, semiconductor supply shortages may threaten the company's ability to meet demand in coming quarters. The Apple reps acknowledged that it's difficult to predict where things will go from here, and they again declined to provide guidance for the next quarter. (They have not done so since the global pandemic began.) Beyond that, Cook spent much of his time on the call either recapping the product and services announcements from the company's April 20 event or talking up Apple's various green initiatives. Apple stock rose almost 4 percent in after-hours trading following the call but has slipped down to just 2 percent over the day's earlier value as of this writing.