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206556 VENTUREBEAT 2021-4-28:
Salesforce launches employee upskilling toolkit for businesses
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206427 ZDNET 2021-4-28:
Salesforce integrates personalized learning into daily workflows
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206599 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-4-26:
Public preview Monday for Microsoft Viva Learning
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206447 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-4-28:
Report: Returning to the office is a stressful thought for 100% of employees
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206763 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-4-29:
Glassdoor reports that diversity and inclusion gap in the workforce is growing
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206505 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-4-27:
Gartner: 1 in 5 workers say they are COVID-era digital tech experts
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Now Hiring: Job openings at the top-ranked LinkedIn companies
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206408 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-4-28:
9 unexpected skills you need for today's tech team
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Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce training prep bundle now 97% off
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206551 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-4-27:
Digital transformation tops service management as main business priority in 2020
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206394 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-4-28:
Without remote options, 62% working parents will quit, new FlexJobs data says
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Cisco: Engineers, developers must keep current on innovative technologies
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Acorio: Digital transformation was the top business initiative in 2021
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206429 VENTUREBEAT 2021-4-27:
Databook raises $16M to automate key sales processes
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Emerging technology superpower: change and build applications at the speed of business
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Uber, Lyft stocks plunge after Biden official says drivers are employees
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The top 10 entry-level remote work fields and how to land a job in them
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COVID-19, WFH prompts spike in cyberattacks against banks, insurers
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How to make the most out of remote tech interviews
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206383 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-4-26:
Stop using your work laptop or phone for personal stuff, because I know you are
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Starbucks leverages loyalty program, digital to navigate customers' new normal
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Zoom launches Immersive View to unify participants in the same virtual room
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206379 VENTUREBEAT 2021-4-28:
DevOps orchestration platform Opsera raises $15M
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206612 ZDNET 2021-4-25:
Stop using your work laptop or phone for personal stuff, because I know you are
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206406 VENTUREBEAT 2021-4-26:
Apple will focus on machine learning, AI jobs in new NC campus
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ID: 206556


Date: 2021-04-28

Salesforce launches employee upskilling toolkit for businesses

Join Transform 2021 this July 12-16. Register for the AI event of the year. Salesforce today announced the launch of Salesforce Learning Paths, which surfaces personalized learning content directly in Salesforce, enabling employees to learn in the flow of work. Salesforce Learning Paths will become generally available and free to all Salesforce customers this summer, when MyTrailhead customers gain the ability to integrate custom content into Salesforce. Workplace learning can be a driver of success for both employees and employers. But with remote work, its often harder to find opportunities to develop skills while on the job. According to a Salesforce survey, 59% of employees say theyve had less access to workplace learning since the start of the pandemic. Salesforce Learning Paths aims to address the training gap with personalized learning content delivered via Salesforce. This allows employees to work and learn in a single environment, tapping into Trailhead, MyTrailhead, and guides that include articles, videos, and quizzes. Salesforce Learning Paths introduces Learning Home in Salesforce, a dashboard where employees can view assignments, track progress, and discover new learning paths. Business leaders and managers can personalize and monitor learning according to an individual, role, team, or for the entire organization. Eighty percent of employees find it easier to retain information they learn on the job, compared to siloed training, according to Salesforce. Theyre also more productive (68%), more engaged in their work (70%), and more likely to stay at their job (60%) when their companies invest in continuous learning. Among others, Elekta and United Utilities are already using Salesforce Learning Paths in early access. Salesforce says more than 3 million people have used its Trailhead resources to date, up from 200,000 in October 2016. The launch of Salesforce Learning Paths comes as the global economy inches toward recovery following pandemic headwinds. In the U.S., job growth in March boomed at the fastest pace since summer 2020, as an aggressive vaccination effort contributed to a surge in hospitality and construction jobs. But the labor market simultaneously faces upskilling and wage disparity challenges. Its estimated that as many as 30 million U.S. workers without college degrees have the skills necessary to earn 70% more, but employer education requirements frequently hold these workers back. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that U.S. workers with a bachelors degree make $1,248 per week, on average, while workers with only a high school degree earn closer to $746. In 2017, McKinsey said as many as 375 million workers would have to switch occupations or acquire new skills by 2030 because of automation and AI. A recent survey by the firm found that 87% of executives reported experiencing skill gaps in the workforce but less than half of respondents had a clear sense of how to address the problem.