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Atlassian sets its sights on the entire enterprise with Jira Work Management
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Atlassian broadens Jira's reach beyond tech teams with Jira Work Management
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Atlassian’s Jira Work Management encourages team collaboration
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Hyperautomation takes RPA to the next level, allowing workers to do more important tasks
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9 unexpected skills you need for today's tech team
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DevOps progress: spotty, siloed and sporadic, but still moving forward
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12 tech tools to push digital transformation at your SMB
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DevOps orchestration platform Opsera raises $15M
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New Oracle Enterprise Manager features support for hybrid cloud, extensibility and more
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How to build more diverse and inclusive project teams
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Top 5 reasons to build, not buy, software
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Campfire raises $8 million to advance AR/VR for product design
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The early decision that helped Adjust go from startup to global success
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Atlassian rising as fiscal Q3 tops expectations, Q4 revenue view higher
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Tanium partners with Oracle to offer cloud-based endpoint management, security
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Is your company really ready to go back to the office? IT can help mitigate issues
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How to make the most out of remote tech interviews
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Remote work: This is how fast Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 are growing
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Microsoft Teams enhances content sharing, PowerPoint presenter view and more
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Why the 'lights out' data center will bring more opportunities
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ID: 206437


Date: 2021-04-28

Atlassian sets its sights on the entire enterprise with Jira Work Management

Now business users who like the workflow features of Jira don't have to translate software jargon to use the platform. Atlassian announced Wednesday that its latest product Jira Work Management is designed for managing projects outside the IT department.   Cameron Deatsch, chief revenue officer at Atlassian, said that the company built the new product based on the fact that half of its user base was outside IT.  "We went out and surveyed our customer base and half of our users didn't work in software development," he said. "But they were using Jira for tracking work and managing workflow." Chatbot trends: How organizations are leveraging AI chatbots (free PDF).   (TechRepublic). Deatsch said he was at a manufacturing plant recently and noticed that an engineer was using Jira to file a work order that had nothing to do with software. "One of the managers said, 'This whole thing is powered by Jira, look at that computer over there,' and a plant engineer was working on a computer with a Jira window open," he said. According to the company, the new software allows for shared and structured workflows for consistency across a company, automation for routine tasks and advanced privacy controls for keeping information safe.  Deatsch said the Jira Work Management takes the power of the existing platform and makes it more approachable for the average business user. He said that customer feedback showed that the need for repeatability and better tracking was even more important in a remote setting.  "Things didn't slip through the cracks because you were in the office together, but now you need better ways to track work than getting on a Zoom call," he said. Deatsch said that customer research also revealed that Jira often works like glue to connect separate teams.  Noah Wasmer, vice president of product at Atlassian, said in a blog post that companies realized over the last year that working together digitally was more difficult than simply doing work digitally. "One disconnected team or department can stall an entire company, regardless of where they sit within an organization," he said. The company announced the news at its annual conference, Team '21, which is virtual this year.  One of the most distinctive new features is more options for viewing the status of a project. The business version of the software uses a common data layer to present project information in four ways: Jira Work Management also includes drag-and-drop forms. Teams can customize the standard templates to collect requests and consolidate work related to projects. Chase Wilson, head of product marketing for Jira Work Management, said the goal with Forms was to automate as much of  daily work as possible and enable end users to build and customize their own forms. Jira Work Management is free for up to 10 users and can be added to existing Jira deployments.   This is your go-to resource for XaaS, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, cloud engineering jobs, and cloud security news and tips. Delivered Mondays