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206407 THEVERGE 2021-4-28:
Microsoft is changing the default Office font and wants your help to pick a new one
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Microsoft to look beyond Calibri as default font
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Microsoft dumps Calibri for one of these newfangled typefaces
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Office default Calibri will join Clippy, Internet Explorer in Windows retirement
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Where's Microsoft going next in the 'prosumer' space?
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How phishing attacks spoofing Microsoft are evading security detection
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Microsoft: Teams is now at 145 million daily active users
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Remote work: This is how fast Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 are growing
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BoM touts Microsoft-based Clearspace for post-COVID return to work
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Microsoft Teams enhances content sharing, PowerPoint presenter view and more
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Federal Judge rejects Microsoft, DoD motions to dismiss Amazon's JEDI challenge
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Microsoft's commercial cloud growth accelerates in fiscal Q3
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Microsoft: It's 90 days until the end of Skype for Business Online, here's what to expect
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More new Microsoft Teams features arrive: Better content-sharing options, and less background noise on Macs
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Microsoft finalizes Windows 10 21H1 with the 'May 2021 Update'
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Adobe announces new Document Cloud integrations for Microsoft Teams
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Microsoft Teams usage jumps to 145 million daily active users
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Google’s answer to the problems of open plan offices? Inflatable walls
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Try these 11 tips for a modern home office look that's sure to impress
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Microsoft says Windows 10 now on 1.3 billion monthly active devices
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Microsoft may be cooking up a new Windows 10 Store app
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Microsoft is boosting its support for the Python programming ecosystem
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Microsoft follows Epic’s lead, lowers its cut of PC game sales to 12%
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Microsoft mulls over tweaks to threat data, code-sharing scheme following Exchange Server debacle
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206599 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-4-26:
Public preview Monday for Microsoft Viva Learning
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ID: 206407


Date: 2021-04-28

Microsoft is changing the default Office font and wants your help to pick a new one

Microsoft is changing its default Office font next year and wants everyone to help pick the new default. While there are more than 700 font options in Word, Microsoft has commissioned five new custom fonts for Office, in a move away from the Calibri font that has been the default in Microsoft Office for nearly 15 years. The five new sans-serif fonts feature a variety of styles, including traditional, modern, and even one inspired by German road and railway signs. Microsoft is starting to gather feedback on these five new fonts today, and it plans to set one as the new Office default font in 2022. Tenorite, created by Erin McLaughlin and Wei Huang, is the more traditional style out of the five. It almost looks like a more modern version of the default Times New Roman font from decades ago, with wide characters, accents, and clear punctuation. Skeena, created by John Hudson and Paul Hanslow, feels inspired by various periods of font design. It has big variations in the thick and thin parts of its letters, along with very distinct curves on letters like S, A, and J. Bierstadt by Steve Matteson is inspired by mid-20th-century Swiss typography. The stroke endings are very clearly cut off, but theres some subtle softening to avoid the rigid grid-based typography you typically find with a font like this. Helvetica is the most famous example of this type of grotesque san serif font, and Matteson has attempted to contrast Microsofts Arial font here, too. Mattison named the font after a rocky mountain in Colorado that reminds him of the Swiss Alps. Seaford by Tobias Frere-Jones, Nina Stössinger, and Fred Shallcrass, feels the most immediately familiar out of the bunch, invoking the classic old-style serif text typefaces. The designers took inspiration from old armchairs to find a practical way to bring a classic, valued font back to life without the serifs. Ive been testing all the new fonts in Word, and this one in particular feels the most comfortable for reading long documents. Grandview is the most striking of all five new fonts. Created by Aaron Bell, it draws inspiration from classic German road and railway signage. Much like the signs, this font is designed to be highly legible, with some tweaks to make it more comfortable for long-form reading. Based on the spirit of the German industrial standard, Grandview looks like it would work well in PowerPoint slides in particular. Microsoft is now releasing these five new fonts in Microsoft 365 so everyone can try them out before a new default is chosen. Polls and feedback will be considered as part of how Microsoft picks a winner, and the company is going to spend the next few months evaluating these new fonts and seeing which ones are proving popular. Once a decision has been made, the new default font will appear in Microsoft Office apps in 2022.