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201259 ZDNET 2021-2-18:
Nvidia launches CMP, cryptocurrency mining processor, may alleviate gaming chip shortages
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201213 THEVERGE 2021-2-18:
Nvidia is nerfing its new RTX 3060 for Ethereum cryptocurrency mining
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201177 THEVERGE 2021-2-18:
Nvidia says it won’t nerf the Ethereum mining performance of existing GPUs
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201201 THEVERGE 2021-2-19:
John Carmack proposes GPU and console auctions to beat scalpers
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201305 ZDNET 2021-2-18:
Applied Materials fiscal Q1 results top expectations, forecast well above
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200764 THEVERGE 2021-2-16:
Acer’s Nitro XV272U QHD gaming monitor is a steal at $300
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201085 ZDNET 2021-2-17:
Tesla’s next business: Turning your solar roof and EV into Bitcoin mines
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201050 ZDNET 2021-2-15:
270 addresses are responsible for 55% of all cryptocurrency money laundering
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201083 ZDNET 2021-2-17:
Samsung develops high-bandwidth memory with integrated AI processing
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201306 ZDNET 2021-2-18:
Arista shares soar as Q4 revenue, EPS top expectations, forecast higher as well
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201658 ZDNET 2021-2-22:
Shares of call center pioneer Five9 surge as Q4 results, outlook top expectations
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201273 ZDNET 2021-2-18:
Dell Technologies powering Kyoto University's new Yukawa-21 supercomputer
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201087 ZDNET 2021-2-18:
AI: IBM showcases new energy-efficient chip to power deep learning
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201054 ZDNET 2021-2-15:
Reckon to sell off ReckonDocs to fund cloud strategy and reduce debt
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200736 VENTUREBEAT 2021-2-17:
IBM proposes AI chip with benchmark-beating power efficiency
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201655 ZDNET 2021-2-22:
Palo Alto Networks Q2 results beat estimates
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200744 VENTUREBEAT 2021-2-17:
Recogni raises $48.9 million for AI-powered perception chips
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201049 ZDNET 2021-2-15:
Chip mavens of the ISSCC gather virtually for AI, quantum, 5G
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201225 ZDNET 2021-2-19:
Real growth in technology is not from people but machines, says Applied Materials CEO
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201578 ZDNET 2021-2-22:
ZoomInfo shares surge on better-than-expected Q4 report and outlook
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201265 ZDNET 2021-2-17:
Twilio delivers strong Q4 results, revenue climbs 65%
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201539 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-2-22:
Gartner reports that smartphone sales were down 5% in Q4 2020, 12.5% for the year
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201003 ZDNET 2021-2-16:
Palantir sees slowing growth in 2021, but upbeat on expanding its enterprise
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201080 ZDNET 2021-2-17:
Aussie Broadband sees first half revenue almost double to AU$157 million
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201289 ZDNET 2021-2-18:
Windows and Linux servers targeted by new WatchDog botnet for almost two years
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ID: 201259


Date: 2021-02-18

Nvidia launches CMP, cryptocurrency mining processor, may alleviate gaming chip shortages

Nvidia has seen gaming GPU shortages because the processors were being used to mine cryptocurrency. Now Nvidia is giving miners what they want with Nvidia CMP. Nvidia said it is launching a GPU dedicated to mining cryptocurrencies in a move that gives it a new growth market and may alleviate chip shortages for gaming. In a blog post, Nvidia said that is launching Nvidia CMP, or cryptocurrency mining processor. Nvidia CMP is designed for professional mining. Before the launch of its own cryptocurrency chip, Nvidia has been wrestling with shortages of its gaming chips, which were being used to mine cryptocurrency. With its GeForce RTX 3060 gaming processor launching February 25, Nvidia said it was "taking an important step to help ensure GeForce GPUs end up in the hands of gamers." In addition to the Nvidia CMP launch, Nvidia is programming the RTX 3060 software drivers to detect cryptocurrency mining algorithms and limiting efficiency, or hash rate, by about 50%. The move is designed to deter miners from buying Nvidia's gaming GPUs for cryptocurrency. GeForce RTX GPUs will be optimized for real-time ray-tracing, image upscaling and fast rendering. Nvidia CMP processors won't do graphics but will be optimized for cryptocurrency mining and efficiency. Nvidia's CMP processors will be available in the first quarter and second quarter through partners such as ASUS, Colorful, EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI, Palit, and PC Partner. Here are the specs.  For Nvidia, the CMP lands ahead of the company's fourth quarter earnings report Feb. 24. In the third quarter, Nvidia saw some turbulence in its data center business.   The company is in the process of trying to acquire chip IP vendor ARM for $40 billion. Oppenheimer analyst Rick Shafer said in a research note that Nvidia will see continued gaming processor strength, but demand was likely to lead to shortages well into 2021. Shafer said: We see supply tightness lingering at least into 2Q. Management sees low crypto exposure risk based on CMP (crypto mining processor) demand. CMP strips out video/ graphics components, leaving only compute. Wall Street is expecting Nvidia to report fourth quarter sales of $4.82 billion with non-GAAP earnings of $2.80 a share.