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Android 12: First developer beta, release schedule, features, and more
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Android 12: Release date, features, rumors, leaks, and more
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Google announces Android 12, releases first developer beta
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Android 12: What is rumored to be coming to Android's next iteration
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Android 12’s first developer preview arrives — here’s what’s new
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Google announces the Android 12 Developer Preview
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What’s new in the first Android 12 Developer Preview
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Android 12: The developer preview has been released
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Stacked widgets and a new look for the lock screen may be coming to Android 12
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Android 12 developer preview feature roundup: improved emergency calls, bigger notifications, and more
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Android 12’s rumored one-handed mode could make big phones more usable
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Android 12 makes sharing Wi-Fi passwords a breeze
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Now you can pay for parking right from Google Maps
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Google: 40 new Chromebooks are coming in 2021, plus all these new features
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Carl Pei’s ‘Nothing’ now owns the Essential brand, and I’m kinda hyped
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Google’s older Pixel cameras are failing at an accelerating rate
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Google Maps will now let you pay for public transportation and parking through its app
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Apple TV+ finally arrives on (some) Android TV devices
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Google Maps will help you pay parking and transit fees ahead of time
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Galaxy S21 Ultra—$200 cheaper but still not competitive
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The next iPhone could sport an always-on screen — and it’s about time
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Samsung extends security updates for Galaxy phones to 4 years
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Apple Music will soon make it way easier to add songs to your queue
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Oribi raises $15.5 million to challenge Google Analytics with no-code marketing insights
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The Xbox Series X and S can now boost the FPS of some older games
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ID: 201244


Date: 2021-02-18

Android 12: First developer beta, release schedule, features, and more

Google's latest mobile operating system is here, for developers at least. Google just released the first developer beta of Android 12, the search giant's next major update to its mobile operating system. The initial release is for developers to learn more about under-the-hood changes and make adjustments to their apps. Google hasn't announced any consumer-facing changes yet, and after a few minutes with the beta installed, we can't find anything drastically different. We'll definitely need to spend more time with it.  The best Android phones Here are the top Android phones you can buy. Read More With the release of Android 10 in 2019, Google announced it was no longer going to use dessert names for the yearly release of an Android update. Last year, Google released Android 11. So, by my count, that puts this year's release at Android 12, a fact confirmed by Google when it announced the update.  That said, Google still uses sweets as its internal code names for upcoming releases, and thanks to XDA Developers, which has shared a ton of information about the OS update, we have a good idea that internally it's being called "Snow Cone." The development process for each new version of Android is lengthy, with a developer beta usually being released early in the year. In 2020, Google released the first developer beta of Android 11 on Feb. 19. Nearly a year to the day later, Google announced Android 12 on Feb. 18.  The public beta, which allows anyone with a compatible Android phone like a Google Pixel or OnePlus phone, can sign up and help Google test the next version of Android. This year, Google is targeting a public beta launch in May, according to its own schedule. Here's the full release plan: The full Android 12 release schedule, according to Google.  An official release happens toward the end of the summer after developers have had time to get their apps ready for new APIs, and Google has time to finalize the build and get rid of any lingering bugs. Last year, Android 11 released on Sept. 8.  Google didn't have an official post on its blog to announce Android 12 as a whole. Instead, the developer site was updated with news of the release, and the Android Enterprise blog detailed changes to device security, work profiles, and passwords for managed devices.  After installing the beta, there doesn't appear to be any drastic UI changes. We're going to need more time to comb through the update, but right now the beta looks like it's strictly background changes.  That said,  XDA Developers recently published some screenshots that are reportedly from documents shared with Google's partners to let them know what's new in Android 12 so they can start preparing. The beta we have installed on our Pixel 5 right now looks nothing like the screenshots above.  However, previous reports from XDA Developers have uncovered some of what we should expect in Android 12. For example, there's a new design approach called Material NEXT, at least internally, and it seems to encourage hardware partners to customize the apps to fit their brand on top of the material design.  Android currently has a few different solutions for one-handed use, but who makes your phone will determine how it's implemented. With Android 12, XDA has found evidence of a new one-handed mode that hardware partners can incorporate into their devices. It's unclear how it'll work, but XDA claims that when it's triggered the window will shrink down to 40% of its size with a gesture, bringing buttons and text near the top of the screen closer to your thumb. iPhone users have had a Reachability feature since Apple launched larger iPhone models that do something similar.  Android 12 also appears to have a new split-screen multitasking workflow, which should help increase productivity. This report is from 9to5Google, the new process will involve creating app pairs, much like you can do on Samsung Galaxy phones right now, to launch two apps you frequently use at the same time in split-screen mode. For example, you can have Gmail and Google Docs set as a pair.  Finally, another interesting feature that's rumored to be coming to Android 12 is a dedicated gaming mode. XDA reports that evidence has been found of a new GameManagerClient in Android 12. The service looks like it'll help those who like to game on their mobile devices do things like trigger do not disturb, change display brightness, and disable auto-rotate when a game is opened.  As we learn more about Android 12, we'll keep updating this post.  What are you hoping to see in Android 12? More iOS-like features, or something different?