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Android 12’s first developer preview arrives — here’s what’s new
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Android 12: The developer preview has been released
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Google announces the Android 12 Developer Preview
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Android 12: First developer beta, release schedule, features, and more
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Android 12: Release date, features, rumors, leaks, and more
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Stacked widgets and a new look for the lock screen may be coming to Android 12
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Google announces Android 12, releases first developer beta
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What’s new in the first Android 12 Developer Preview
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Android 12 developer preview feature roundup: improved emergency calls, bigger notifications, and more
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Android 12: What is rumored to be coming to Android's next iteration
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Android 12 makes sharing Wi-Fi passwords a breeze
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Android 12’s rumored one-handed mode could make big phones more usable
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The Xbox Series X and S can now boost the FPS of some older games
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Google’s older Pixel cameras are failing at an accelerating rate
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Older Pixel phones are having serious camera issues, according to owners
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Microsoft tries again to tame annoying website notifications, without blocking the ones you want to see
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10 months later, Google’s Pixel Buds are still my favorite earbuds
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YouTube now supports 4K on low-res phones — here’s why that’s great
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Google: 40 new Chromebooks are coming in 2021, plus all these new features
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Linux 5.11 is out with AMD and Intel improvements (and Linus Torvalds is happy)
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Apple Music will soon make it way easier to add songs to your queue
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Microsoft moves closer to Windows 10 21H1 release; begins Beta channel testing
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Nextcloud 21 arrives with ten times better performance
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Oribi raises $15.5 million to challenge Google Analytics with no-code marketing insights
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200733 THEVERGE 2021-2-17:
Microsoft’s new FPS Boost mode for Xbox Series X and S can double frame rates in games
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ID: 201207


Date: 2021-02-18

Android 12’s first developer preview arrives — here’s what’s new

Napier Lopez Napier LopezAndroid 12s first developer preview arrives — heres whats newMore TNWAbout TNWStay tunedAndroid 12 is beginning to take shape. Google today revealed the first preview for the next version of its mobile OS, an update that will endeavor to make Android more intuitive, better performing, and more secure. Although this previews is intended strictly for developers — mainstream betas usually arrive around summertime — there are already some hints at whats to come. Here are some of the most notable updates. The new OS brings native support for AVIF, an image format based on AV1 that promises much higher quality per file size compared to good-old jpeg. To show just how effective the new format is, Google posted a comparison of a two roughly 20kB images created by Jake Archibald. First the JPEG: Android 12 also brings support for easier copying and pasting of rich content like images and video. While developers will have to implement the feature first, it should in theory make it easier to copy and paste images, video, audio and formatted between apps — even allowing for drag and drop. The update also includes a handful of audio upgrades, including increasing support for up to 24 audio channels (as opposed to the previous apps) and improved support for spatial audio formats. Developers can also leverage a new haptic feedback tool that links your phones vibrations to specific sounds. Google says developers could use the feature to simulate rough terrain in a racing game or use haptic feedback to identify callers via vibration patterns only. Most updates to Android bring some changes to the notification shade and this one is no different. Google says its implementing a few aesthetic changes to the notifications drawer and optimizing transitions and animations. Its also tightening control around the appearence for notifications — rather than allowing developers to take up an entire block with a custom theme, this time they are limited to a smaller area. This should keep notifications looking more consistent systemwide. You can see in the above image that the custom area takes up a large but incomplete area of each notification. You can also see the notification shade appears to be taking a more bubbly look overall. Meanwhile, Google is also tightening controls around how notifications work to make them more responsive, and limiting the number of annoying random notifications for short-lived processes — those notifications that show up for less than 10 seconds. There are a lot more developer-centric updates in Googles blog post. A leak from a few weeks ago suggests Google is implementing a new UI — or at least a theming service — into Android 12, but this does not yet appear to be fully incorporated in this beta. Still, if youre a developer looking to get a head start — or a really adventurous Android user — Android 12 is available to test on the Pixel 3 / 3 XL, Pixel 3a / 3a XL, Pixel 4 / 4 XL, Pixel 4a / 4a 5G, or Pixel 5 by flashing a system image. Its also available by using the Android Emulator in Android Studio. As always, only run pre-release software if you know what youre doing. Did you know we have a newsletter all about consumer tech? Its called Plugged In – and you can subscribe to it right here. Published February 18, 2021 — 18:57 UTC