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201158 THENEXTWEB 2021-2-18:
Google’s restructuring of its AI teams sparks further criticism
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Google fires Ethical AI lead Margaret Mitchell
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Google fires top ethical AI expert Margaret Mitchell
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Google’s new AI ethics lead calls for more ‘diplomatic’ conversation
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DeepMind researchers say AI poses a threat to people who identify as queer
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Google fired Margaret Mitchell, its Ethical AI Team founder
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Google to work more closely with the Mayo Clinic at new Minnesota office
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Researchers propose ‘ethically correct AI’ for smart guns that locks out mass shooters
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Google’s Voice AI accelerator launches 12 startups
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Google, J.B. Hunt ink deal to tackle US transport, supply chain challenges
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AI will have a huge impact on your healthcare. But there are still big obstacles to overcome
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World's fastest supercomputer and AI tapped to predict tsunami flooding
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AI can persuade people to make ethically questionable decisions, study finds
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Defence lists cyber mitigation as key factor for building ethical AI
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Disrupting tech hiring: How AI connects companies to talent
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Zut alors! France spanks Google over ‘misleading’ hotel ranking algorithm
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Google reportedly shut down its Stadia studios a week after praising them
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This bizarro AI creates psychedelic visual interpretations of famous poems
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Databricks wins "triple crown" with launch on Google Cloud
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Microsoft throws Google under the bus in European news fight
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AI Weekly: The challenges of creating open source AI training datasets
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Peak.AI raises $21 million to drive enterprise AI adoption
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This ‘AI doctor’ can assess skin melanoma as accurately as human dermatologists
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IBM’s Arin Bhowmick explains why AI trust is hard to achieve in the enterprise
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How AI could spot your weaknesses and influence your choices
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ID: 201158


Date: 2021-02-18

Google’s restructuring of its AI teams sparks further criticism

Thomas Macaulay Thomas MacaulayThis startup is using AI to eradicate malariaMore TNWAbout TNWStay tunedGoogle has restructured its responsible AI teams in the wake of Timnit Gebrus firing, sparking further anger from the researcher and her supporters. The ethical AI teams will now be overseen by Marian Croak, a Black Google executive whos credited with inventing the Voice over Internet Protocol. Google announced her appointment in a blogpost: Now, shes taking on a new project: making sure Google develops artificial intelligence responsibly and that it has a positive impact. To do this, Marian has created and will lead a new center of expertise on responsible AI within Google Research. Sources told Bloomberg that Croak will report to Google AI lead Jeff Dean, whose involvement in Gebrus departure was slammed by members of her team. Her exit followed a dispute over a research paper shed co-authored.  Dean insisted Gebru had resigned, but for all intents and purposes, she was fired. The reorganization of Googles AI teams aims to quell the fallout caused by her termination — but its already triggered further indignation. We asked experts and animal owners] Gebru tweeted that Google was trying to neutralize one Black woman with another while harassing, terrorizing, and gaslighting my team. I will have a lot more to say about this later. But announcing a new org by a Black woman as if were all interchangeable while harassing, terrorizing and gaslighting my team and doing absolutely ZERO to acknowledge & redress the harm thats been done is beyond gaslighting. Tech workers, diversity groups, and former colleagues have also criticized the move. Among Gebrus supporters is former diversity recruiter Abril Christina Curley, who says she was fired from the firm because they were tired of hearing me call them out on their racist bullshit. Abil tweeted that Google wants nothing more than to physically run us down and exhaust us to the point of breaking. Margaret Mitchell, who founded Googles Ethical AI team — and is currently locked out of her corporate account for downloading material related to Gebru — said she found out about the reorganization through Bloombergs report. … And this is how I find out. I'm so glad for all the trust they've rebuilt. It seems I've been completely erased and my team taken. Google may hope the restructuring subdues the internal dissent, but its only inflamed the outrage of Gebrus supporters. Published February 18, 2021 — 21:43 UTC