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201143 ARSTECHNICA 2021-2-17:
Google’s older Pixel cameras are failing at an accelerating rate
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201135 THEVERGE 2021-2-18:
Older Pixel phones are having serious camera issues, according to owners
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200938 ZDNET 2021-2-17:
Tracker pixels in emails are now an ‘endemic’ privacy concern
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201207 THENEXTWEB 2021-2-18:
Android 12’s first developer preview arrives — here’s what’s new
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201244 ZDNET 2021-2-18:
Android 12: First developer beta, release schedule, features, and more
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Android 12: Release date, features, rumors, leaks, and more
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YouTube now supports 4K on low-res phones — here’s why that’s great
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200899 THENEXTWEB 2021-2-16:
Android 12’s rumored one-handed mode could make big phones more usable
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Android 12: What is rumored to be coming to Android's next iteration
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10 months later, Google’s Pixel Buds are still my favorite earbuds
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201168 THEVERGE 2021-2-18:
Blackmagic’s new ‘Pro’ Pocket Cinema Camera 6K adds the tilt-screen the original needed
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201183 ARSTECHNICA 2021-2-18:
Google announces the Android 12 Developer Preview
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201208 THEVERGE 2021-2-19:
Oppo Find X3 Neo leaks, showing off third handset in upcoming X3 lineup
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200828 THEVERGE 2021-2-17:
Ecobee adds baby monitoring features to its SmartCamera
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201300 ZDNET 2021-2-18:
Google announces Android 12, releases first developer beta
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201295 ZDNET 2021-2-18:
Now you can pay for parking right from Google Maps
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200734 ZDNET 2021-2-17:
Owner of app that hijacked millions of devices with one update exposes buy-to-infect scam
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Google’s restructuring of its AI teams sparks further criticism
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Google to work more closely with the Mayo Clinic at new Minnesota office
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200983 THENEXTWEB 2021-2-15:
The next iPhone could sport an always-on screen — and it’s about time
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201139 VENTUREBEAT 2021-2-18:
Sentry raises $60 million to monitor app performance in real time
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200966 THENEXTWEB 2021-2-16:
Zut alors! France spanks Google over ‘misleading’ hotel ranking algorithm
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200728 ARSTECHNICA 2021-2-16:
Galaxy S21 Ultra—$200 cheaper but still not competitive
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200811 THEVERGE 2021-2-17:
Google Maps will now let you pay for public transportation and parking through its app
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201209 ARSTECHNICA 2021-2-18:
Apple is already working on developing 6G wireless technology
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ID: 201143


Date: 2021-02-17

Google’s older Pixel cameras are failing at an accelerating rate

Users of the Pixel 2, 3, and 4 are reporting nonfunctional cameras. Does the Pixel camera have a hardware problem? Android Police has tracked down numerous reports of broken cameras on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3, and the Pixel-exclusive Google Camera app has been getting review-bombed with tons of 1-star reviews from users who say their cameras no longer work. Google told the site it doesn't know of any software issues, suggesting that all these people are experiencing a hardware failure. The problems include the camera app instantly crashing when it is opened, displaying a black screen, or showing an error message that reads "Something went wrong. Close and open the camera app again. " Theories about the cause of the issues are all over the place, but it seems hard to blame a software bug since both the Google camera and third-party apps are affected, and uninstalling updates and factory resets doesn't fix the problem. The main complaint thread on the Pixel Help forums is up to almost 900 replies now. The oldest device, the Pixel 2, seems to be the most affected, but similar reports for the Pixel 3, 3a, and 4 are out there. Every Pixel camera from the Pixel 2 to the Pixel 5 has the same camera sensor (a Sony IMX363/IMX362), so it's possible that they are all affected. Android Police got in touch with Google and said that "the company offered hardware failures as a potential explanation—either due to wear and tear over time or abuse such as physical damage or drops." The site continued: "The company invites those affected to contact Google's customer support to explore their options." Previously, many of Google's Nexus phones were caught in a hardware problem due to defective flash memory. These phones would eventually stop working, which led to a series of class-action lawsuits. Most of the Nexus phones were manufactured by LG, with the Nexus 6P being the single Huawei device. The Pixel 2 XL was built with the help of LG, while the Pixel 2 was made with HTC. After releasing the Pixel 2, Google bought the team it was working with from HTC and started manufacturing devices at Foxconn.