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201096 THENEXTWEB 2021-2-19:
UK slaps Uber with THE LAW, rules drivers are employees in final verdict
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201192 THEVERGE 2021-2-19:
Uber loses final appeal against drivers’ employment status in UK
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201114 ZDNET 2021-2-19:
Uber drivers in the UK are not self-employed, court rules
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201119 ARSTECHNICA 2021-2-19:
UK Supreme Court says Uber drivers are not independent contractors
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201202 ARSTECHNICA 2021-2-18:
Uber: Bankrupt engineer Levandowski is hiding millions from creditors
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201235 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-2-18:
Remote workers say they're happier, but working from home brings its own problems
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200942 ZDNET 2021-2-17:
More bosses are using software to monitor remote workers. Not everyone is happy about it
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200775 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-2-17:
Remote working is here to stay: These eight strategies can make it more successful for everyone
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201338 ZDNET 2021-2-22:
Personal data might continue to flow between the EU and the UK. But it's too early to declare victory
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201245 THENEXTWEB 2021-2-18:
Are ‘microcars’ the future of shared mobility services?
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200759 VENTUREBEAT 2021-2-17:
Waymo begins robo-taxi tests in San Francisco
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201364 VENTUREBEAT 2021-2-22:
EU and U.K. take first steps toward continuing free data flows post-Brexit
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200837 THEVERGE 2021-2-17:
New York State is suing Amazon for alleged worker safety failures during COVID-19
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201333 ZDNET 2021-2-21:
Your working day will never be the same again. Here's what might replace it
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200810 VENTUREBEAT 2021-2-16: emerges from stealth to power recommendations for shipping boat captains
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201543 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-2-22:
Amazon professionals support warehouse unionization efforts, according to a survey
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201122 THENEXTWEB 2021-2-19:
After driving the new Land Rover Defender, I can’t wait for an electric version
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200811 THEVERGE 2021-2-17:
Google Maps will now let you pay for public transportation and parking through its app
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201248 TECHREPUBLIC 2021-2-17:
Black employees are less satisfied at work than all other employees
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200859 THEVERGE 2021-2-17:
Amazon changed traffic light timing during union drive, county officials say
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201184 ZDNET 2021-2-19:
ServiceNow brings integrated capabilities to Microsoft Teams
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200760 THENEXTWEB 2021-2-17:
Ford invests $1B to go all-electric by 2030 in Europe
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200799 THENEXTWEB 2021-2-17:
Tesla remains the Big Daddy in the US EV market, despite new challengers
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200907 THENEXTWEB 2021-2-16:
Sorry ’murica, no Mercedes-Benz EQC for you
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201579 ZDNET 2021-2-22:
UK court dismisses Epic Games lawsuit against Apple
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ID: 201096


Date: 2021-02-19

UK slaps Uber with THE LAW, rules drivers are employees in final verdict

Matthew Beedham Polestar accelerates the shift to sustainable mobility, by making electric driving irresistible. Matthew BeedhamPolestar accelerates the shift to sustainable mobility, by making electric driving irresistible. How COVID-19 will change the worlds 13,000 microcities for goodMore TNWAbout TNWStay tunedThe saga of whether Uber and other gig-working drivers are full-time employees or independent contractors is never-ending. However, in the UK, the story has passed a crucial milestone. As the UK supreme court has ruled today, Uber must classify its drivers as employees. As a result it must provide a minimum wage and holiday pay for its workers, BBC reports. This appears to be the final ruling for Uber in the United Kingdom. The not a taxi-firm ride hailing service has already appealed three previous court decisions in the UK, all of which said that drivers should not be considered independent. With the latest ruling coming from the nations supreme court, theres nowhere left for Uber to appeal. The courts ruling says a driver should be considered working not just when driving a passenger, but when they are logged into the app. We asked experts and animal owners] As cited by the Beeb, the court backed up its decision citing four key factors, if ever you needed a clear description of why drivers should be considered employees here they are: While Uber does afford drivers a huge amount of flexibility and control over when they work, the bits that really matter when it comes to running a business are controlled and run by the ride-sharing firm. Under Ubers iron fist, drivers are not independent workers, free to dictate the exact terms of how they work, what they earn, and how they handle complaints. They are subordinates in the gig-work empire, or if you prefer something more visceral, they are exploited workers. Earlier this week, Uber outlined its plans to bring its California-oriented Prop 22 standards for gig-work to the EU. While the UK is no longer part of the European Union, its supreme courts ruling sets an undeniable precedent thats at odds with the ruling from the US last year. Last November, US voters passed Prop 22 in California meaning that firms reliant on gig-workers, like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash, dont have to pay a full suite of employee benefits like health care, paid sick leave, and holiday pay. But they do give drivers some perks they didnt have previously, you can read more about that here and here. Ultimately, Prop 22 is still weighted in Ubers favor. However, in the UK it has no such fall back, and speculation is mounting as to how Uber will continue to operate in the country now that it has to front the operating costs that it should have been paying all along. It could lead to increased costs for riders, or Uber will face an even longer uphill slog to that elusive goal: profitability. Published February 19, 2021 — 13:33 UTC