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186666 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-31:
YouTube will no longer let viewers help creators with subtitles and captions
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186739 THEVERGE 2020-7-31:
YouTube is ending its community captions feature and deaf creators aren’t happy about it
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186772 THEVERGE 2020-7-31:
Netflix is letting people watch things faster or slower with new playback speed controls
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186456 THEVERGE 2020-7-28:
Discord’s mobile app is getting background noise suppression because life is noisy
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186499 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-29:
Twitter expands its Stories-like Fleets to the Netherlands
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186505 THEVERGE 2020-7-29:
Service that uses AI to identify gender based on names looks incredibly biased
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186730 ARSTECHNICA 2020-7-30:
Star Citizen dev offers roadmap for development of new development roadmap
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186467 THEVERGE 2020-7-28:
Movies Anywhere is the latest service to add a viewing party feature
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186793 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-30:
Microsoft’s contribution to Blender is a win-win for the 3D community
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186792 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-29:
Google Stadia’s cellular support might draw in some new blood
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186649 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-31:
Facebook is launching official music videos in the US
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186693 THEVERGE 2020-7-30:
After impassioned speech, AOC’s ban on US military recruiting via Twitch fails House vote
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186691 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-7-30:
AI-powered tool aims to help reduce bias and racially charged language on websites
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186474 THEVERGE 2020-7-28:
Facebook says removing viral COVID-19 misinformation video ‘took longer than it should have’
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186667 THEVERGE 2020-7-30:
In the pandemic economy, tech companies are raking it in
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186764 THEVERGE 2020-7-31:
Twitter is surveying users on what features they’d want from a subscription
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186498 THEVERGE 2020-7-29:
Mellow made its ‘smart’ sous vide machine dumb unless you pay a monthly fee
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186503 THEVERGE 2020-7-29:
How another video of COVID-19 misinformation went viral on Facebook
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186548 THEVERGE 2020-7-29:
Everything you need to know from the tech antitrust hearing
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186429 THEVERGE 2020-7-28:
Google’s new ‘for context’ links could give you the big picture around big news stories
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186719 THEVERGE 2020-7-31:
Chrome’s autofill is getting more secure and convenient
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186504 VENTUREBEAT 2020-7-28:
Roblox expects to pay $250 million to its mostly young-adult developers this year
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186443 VENTUREBEAT 2020-7-29:
Eargo raises $71 million to bring its connected hearing aids to more people
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186545 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-28:
Twitter says this new app for copying others’ timelines violates its rules — but it may live on
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186627 VENTUREBEAT 2020-7-29:
Google One expands phone backup to all accounts, iPhone app is coming ‘soon’
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ID: 186666


Date: 2020-07-31

YouTube will no longer let viewers help creators with subtitles and captions

YouTube is nixing its Community Contributions feature, which made it possible for users to help creators by translating  video titles, descriptions, closed captions, and subtitles. In an announcement on the Google Support Forums, a company spokesperson said the feature failed to generate enough traction — and was often used for nefarious reasons. The feature is slated to be discontinued across all channels on September 28, 2020. Both creators and viewers have reported problems with the community contributions feature, including spam, abuse, and low quality submissions, the message read. As a result, the feature is rarely used with less than 0.001% of channels having published community captions (showing on less than 0.2% of watch time) in the last month. The good thing is that community-contributed captions that have already been posted will continue to show up even after the removal. Even better, creators will have a chance to approve already submitted contributions until September 28. If you have contributions currently saved as drafts, these will be available for the next 60 days (until Sept 28 2020), and you have until then to publish them before theyre removed, the spokesperson said. Instead, creators will now have to rely on Googles built-in automatic captions, as well as manual captions and subtitles. While the company says these tools should suffice, its also providing creators who used Community Contributions in the past two months with six-month subscriptions to captioning service Amara. Weve also obtained special pricing and benefits from additional third party vendors, who can assist with caption, translation, and subtitle needs, the company adds. Read next : Amazon will spend $10B to battle Elon Musk in the internet-from-space race Do you want to get the sassiest daily tech newsletter every day, in your inbox, for FREE? Of course you do: sign up for Big Spam here.