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186649 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-31:
Facebook is launching official music videos in the US
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186751 THEVERGE 2020-7-31:
Facebook adds official music videos in new challenge to YouTube
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186474 THEVERGE 2020-7-28:
Facebook says removing viral COVID-19 misinformation video ‘took longer than it should have’
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186755 THEVERGE 2020-7-31:
Virtual artist Miquela debuted a music video at Lollapalooza
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186726 VENTUREBEAT 2020-7-30:
Duolink Go Launches World-first SpeakerBuds
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186503 THEVERGE 2020-7-29:
How another video of COVID-19 misinformation went viral on Facebook
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186774 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-30:
A scientific analysis of the Facebook group where millennials pretend to be Boomers
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186794 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-30:
Check out how often your article has been shared on social media, and by who
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186754 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-30:
TikTok’s CEO takes shots at Zuckerberg as it aims to continue to survive in the US
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186577 ARSTECHNICA 2020-7-29:
TikTok chief Kevin Mayer launches stinging attack on Facebook
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186458 THEVERGE 2020-7-28:
Voters want Facebook to be accountable for climate misinformation, poll finds
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186556 ARSTECHNICA 2020-7-28:
Twitter suspends Donald Trump Jr. for posting COVID misinformation
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186654 VENTUREBEAT 2020-7-30:
Facebook beats Q2 estimates with $18.69 billion in revenue and 2.7 billion monthly active users
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186464 VENTUREBEAT 2020-7-28:
Facebook sues EU antitrust regulator for seeking ‘irrelevant’ personal employee data
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186739 THEVERGE 2020-7-31:
YouTube is ending its community captions feature and deaf creators aren’t happy about it
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186523 THEVERGE 2020-7-29:
TikTok is opening up its algorithm and challenging competitors to do the same
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186504 VENTUREBEAT 2020-7-28:
Roblox expects to pay $250 million to its mostly young-adult developers this year
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186749 THEVERGE 2020-7-31:
You can now bid on Fyre Fest merch
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186512 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-28:
Blame the neanderthals
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186666 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-31:
YouTube will no longer let viewers help creators with subtitles and captions
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186509 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-29:
WhatsApp Pay moves one step closer to Indian launch
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186778 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-30:
WhatsApp might soon let you mute annoying chats forever
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186678 THEVERGE 2020-7-30:
The iconic Flip Video almost became Google’s first camera, emails show
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186702 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-7-30:
Zoom fatigue by the numbers: A new poll looks at video conferencing engagement
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186911 ARSTECHNICA 2020-8-1:
How cell phones and Facebook are changing remote Nunatsiavut
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ID: 186649


Date: 2020-07-31

Facebook is launching official music videos in the US

Facebook is taking another stab at stealing some video viewing hours from YouTube by launching official music videos in the US. Starting this weekend, users will be able to watch videos from some of their favorite artists across genres. For that, the company has patterned with some major record labels including Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Merlin, BMG, Kobalt, as well as many across the independent music community, and publishers. Facebook had already tested out official music videos in India and Thailand through partnerships with local labels. Those partnerships also helped the platform with music for certain Facebook and Instagram features. Earlier this month, the social network sent notifications to page managers of artists regarding this upcoming feature. Before this launch, Facebook could only show clips of music videos to users. While the videos will be available on artists pages and will appear on your newsfeed, the company is also introducing a dedicated music tab in the Watch section. This tab currently doesnt exist in India. Facebook said that its going to release exclusive content from artists such as J. Balvin, Karol G, Sebastian Yatra, Alejandro Fernandez, and Calibre 50 in the coming weeks. Plus, the companys releasing videos from some noted artists including Anitta, Blake Shelton, Bob Marley, Diplo, and Miley Cyrus at the start.  It will be interesting to see how Facebooks move pans out. A few people might continuously go to their favorite artists page to check out newly released music videos — in case they knew the release date. Otherwise, it would be cool to see a new song by artists I like pop up on my news feed. On YouTube, a lot of times, I would play one song and let autoplay take control over the next few songs. If I like a tune, Id mark it or subscribe to the channel. Well have to wait and see how Facebooks recommendation engine works and if it can expand your musical palate. Read next : North Korean hackers phish for victims with 'too good to be true' job offers Do you want to get the sassiest daily tech newsletter every day, in your inbox, for FREE? Of course you do: sign up for Big Spam here.