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186616 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-7-28:
CES 2021 cancels physical Las Vegas tech conference and moves to digital format next year
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186551 ARSTECHNICA 2020-7-28:
CES 2021 in Las Vegas is cancelled; event moves online
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186526 VENTUREBEAT 2020-7-28:
CES is going online-only in 2021
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186534 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-28:
CES officially goes fully digital in 2021
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186631 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-7-27:
HCL spearheads hackathon focused on COVID-19 therapies, recovery, and future pandemic management
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186489 THEVERGE 2020-7-28:
AMD says its PS5 and Xbox Series X chips, Zen 3 CPUs, and RDNA 2 GPUs will ship on time
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186533 ARSTECHNICA 2020-7-27:
First US Phase III trial for COVID-19 vaccine begins
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186506 ARSTECHNICA 2020-7-27:
Ancient trash heaps reveal the Plague of Justinian’s economic toll
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186553 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-7-28:
What HR teams and job seekers can expect from hiring as the pandemic evolves
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186558 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-7-28:
Where the tech jobs are: SF and NYC still top the list but Austin and Charlotte are growing faster
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186715 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-7-31:
Three AI companies join a business development group built by the London Stock Exchange
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186745 THEVERGE 2020-7-31:
Fisker hits snag in deal to use Volkswagen’s EV platform
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186902 ARSTECHNICA 2020-7-31:
As COVID-19 rages around the globe, other infectious diseases shrink away
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186514 VENTUREBEAT 2020-7-28:
Density raises $51 million to promote social distancing with AI occupancy-tracking sensors
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186441 ARSTECHNICA 2020-7-29:
Kia denies report that the Soul EV is cancelled for America
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186737 THEVERGE 2020-7-31:
Vergecast: the Big Tech antitrust hearing episode
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186749 THEVERGE 2020-7-31:
You can now bid on Fyre Fest merch
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186606 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-7-28:
Working from home is helping women advance their tech careers
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186448 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-29:
Why you need Design Thinking and Proofs of Concept to level up your business
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186785 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-7-30:
Indeed: Tech sector finally feels aftershock of COVID-19
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186504 VENTUREBEAT 2020-7-28:
Roblox expects to pay $250 million to its mostly young-adult developers this year
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186771 VENTUREBEAT 2020-7-31:
Niko Partners: Esports generated $519 million in Asia in 2019, growth continues in pandemic
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186549 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-28:
A history of internet shutdowns in Africa and their impact on human rights
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186354 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-7-24:
How COVID-19 impacted job postings across US states and employers
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186348 THEVERGE 2020-7-24:
Top Gun and A Quiet Place sequels delayed again
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ID: 186616


Date: 2020-07-28

CES 2021 cancels physical Las Vegas tech conference and moves to digital format next year

  CES 2021 will be an all-digital event on January 6-9 next year due to the ever-increasing global health threat of COVID-19. The tech conference is normally held in Las Vegas in early January with tens of thousands of people typically attending the event from countries all over the world. CES 2021 was originally scheduled to take place from January 7-10 in Las Vegas. " Amid the pandemic and growing global health concerns about the spread of COVID-19, it's just not possible to safely convene tens of thousands of people in Las Vegas in early January 2021 to meet and do business in person," said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA) in a press release on Tuesday. "Technology helps us all work, learn and connect during the pandemic—and that innovation will also help us reimagine CES 2021 and bring together the tech community in a meaningful way. By shifting to an all-digital platform for 2021, we can deliver a unique experience that helps our exhibitors connect with existing and new audiences."  Return to work: What the new normal will look like post-pandemic (free PDF). (TechRepublic). In 2021, CES will offer online media events, a product showcase, keynotes and conferences and meetings and networking. This year, 171,268 people attended CES 2020. There were 175,212 people at CES 2019, compared to 182,198 for CES 2018 and 184,279 for CES 2017. As an example of the international draw, in 2019, there were 61,230 international visitors from 161 countries, regions and territories. This made up 34.9% of CES 2019 attendance, and that would have been severely limited in 2021 with international travel highly regulated during the coronavirus pandemic. CES Asia has also been permanently cancelled. CTA announced in mid-March that it would cancel CES Asia 2020 due to the pandemic and later said in a statement on its website, "CTA has now decided to cancel CES Asia going forward. We have enjoyed annual growth and success since CES Asia was launched in 2015 in Shanghai. We evaluate our events in light of the changing needs of our industry and the priorities of our members and exhibitors." We deliver the top business tech news stories about the companies, the people, and the products revolutionizing the planet. Delivered Daily