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186532 VENTUREBEAT 2020-7-28:
Box Shield now scans and classifies files automatically based on content
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186614 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-7-28:
Box announces added security to Box Shield solution with automation classification
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How to get started with G Suite shared drives
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Dropbox now lets all users collect legally binding signatures for documents
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That job offer in your inbox might be part of a North Korean cyberattack
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Check out how often your article has been shared on social media, and by who
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Candis raises nearly $14 million to automate accounting processes with AI
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Companies turning to isolation technology to protect against the internet's biggest threats
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How security leaders can help SOC analysts adjust to working from home
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10 cross-platform commands all users should know
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Explorium raises $31 million to automate data prep with AI
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Aquicore raises $14 million for AI tools to optimize commercial building energy usage
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1,000 Twitter workers had access to internal tools that hackers could exploit
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186475 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-7-29:
87% of Americans view data privacy as a human right, but most still use risky security practices
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186652 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-7-31:
Top 6 cybersecurity trends to watch for at Black Hat USA 2020
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US files expanded charges against former Twitter employees accused of espionage
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Google’s new ‘for context’ links could give you the big picture around big news stories
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AI-powered tool aims to help reduce bias and racially charged language on websites
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HPE announces $125M deal to power Edinburgh International Data Facility
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Buildots raises $16 million to automate construction site reporting with AI
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Density raises $51 million to promote social distancing with AI occupancy-tracking sensors
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How to install the Seafile cloud storage solution on Ubuntu Server 20.04
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186677 ARSTECHNICA 2020-7-31:
Twitter hackers used “phone spear phishing” in mass account takeover
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How to protect your website's database from hackers
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186529 VENTUREBEAT 2020-7-28:
LinkedIn open-sources DeText, a framework for natural language processing tasks
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ID: 186532


Date: 2020-07-28

Box Shield now scans and classifies files automatically based on content

Cloud platform Box is introducing automated file classification to Box Shield, its machine learning-powered security platform for preventing data leaks and compromises. Box launched Shield in private beta back in August ahead of its full launch two months later. Initially, Box Shield shipped with a handful of core functionalities, including smart access, which allows admins to define rules and access policies to control specific actions among employees, such as content and link sharing, and to set up automated threat and data breach detection alerts. A few months back, Box added automated malware detection to the mix. Now, with automated classification, Box is using machine learning to automatically scan files to detect personally identifiable information (PII) in files in real time as theyre uploaded to the cloud or moved between locations. This helps businesses to safeguard all their documents, including spreadsheets, PDFs, and Box Notes, ensuring that confidential or private information is categorized with the correct access and sharing permissions. With automated file classification, Box Shield classifies files based on admin-defined policies, making it easier to enforce these policies at scale and ensure adherence to the growing number of data privacy laws such as GDPR, as well as long-standing regulations such as HIPAA. For example, Box Shield can detect and classify files that contain Social Security numbers, bank account details, or drivers license numbers. Admins can also create custom terms to automatically classify any document that contains phrases such as Confidential or Internal use only. Box Shield: Categorizing content in real timeThen Shield can enforce access controls, such as restricting downloads or limiting the sharing of links to folders. Box Shield: Shared links cannot be made public due to the applied classificationThe launch fits into a broader trend that has seen automation infiltrate the cybersecurity sphere. However, it also comes at a time when more people are working from home due to the COVID-19 crisis, leading to a greater risk of external and internal threats across businesses. Box said that in June alone, Shield was used 8 million times to block shared link access to classified files, and prevented nearly 1 million classified file downloads.