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186523 THEVERGE 2020-7-29:
TikTok is opening up its algorithm and challenging competitors to do the same
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186577 ARSTECHNICA 2020-7-29:
TikTok chief Kevin Mayer launches stinging attack on Facebook
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186754 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-30:
TikTok’s CEO takes shots at Zuckerberg as it aims to continue to survive in the US
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186713 THEVERGE 2020-7-31:
TikTok has a bold new plan to win over regulators
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186647 THEVERGE 2020-7-31:
President Trump plans to sever TikTok from its Chinese owner, Bloomberg reports
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186947 VENTUREBEAT 2020-8-1:
ByteDance and Microsoft offer White House a deal to keep TikTok in the U.S.
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186548 THEVERGE 2020-7-29:
Everything you need to know from the tech antitrust hearing
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186503 THEVERGE 2020-7-29:
How another video of COVID-19 misinformation went viral on Facebook
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186757 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-30:
Huawei and Bytedance are prime examples of a new regional approach to trade
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187007 THENEXTWEB 2020-8-1:
Trump says he will sign the order to ban TikTok today
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186950 VENTUREBEAT 2020-8-1:
Antitrust experts weigh in on breaking up Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google
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186541 THEVERGE 2020-7-29:
How the CEOs of Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook plan to defend Big Tech today
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186550 THEVERGE 2020-7-29:
‘Instagram can hurt us’: Mark Zuckerberg emails outline plan to neutralize competitors
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186689 VENTUREBEAT 2020-7-29:
Antitrust hearing: Amazon, Facebook, and Google were questioned 2x more than Apple
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186445 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-29:
How to watch today’s antitrust hearing against Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google
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186433 THEVERGE 2020-7-28:
Big Tech is going on trial
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186458 THEVERGE 2020-7-28:
Voters want Facebook to be accountable for climate misinformation, poll finds
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186450 VENTUREBEAT 2020-7-29:
Tech CEOs will survive antitrust hearings but can’t stop investigations
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186774 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-30:
A scientific analysis of the Facebook group where millennials pretend to be Boomers
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186746 ARSTECHNICA 2020-7-30:
“This is a very dangerous situation”: Big Tech’s day on the Hill
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186524 THENEXTWEB 2020-7-28:
How to change your name on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms
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186751 THEVERGE 2020-7-31:
Facebook adds official music videos in new challenge to YouTube
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186464 VENTUREBEAT 2020-7-28:
Facebook sues EU antitrust regulator for seeking ‘irrelevant’ personal employee data
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186474 THEVERGE 2020-7-28:
Facebook says removing viral COVID-19 misinformation video ‘took longer than it should have’
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186706 ARSTECHNICA 2020-7-29:
Zuckerberg wrote “Instagram can hurt us” days before acquisition
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ID: 186523


Date: 2020-07-29

TikTok is opening up its algorithm and challenging competitors to do the same

TikTok wants to be transparent. The company has announced that its taking new measures to give outsiders access to the algorithms it uses to sort and share users videos, and it will be letting experts observe our moderation policies in real-time. In a blog post published Wednesday, TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer said the changes put it a step ahead of the industry and challenged rivals to follow suit. [W]e believe our entire industry should be held to an exceptionally high standard, writes Mayer. Thats why we believe all companies should disclose their algorithms, moderation policies, and data flows to regulators. We will not wait for regulation to come, but instead TikTok has taken the first step by launching a Transparency and Accountability Center for moderation and data practices. The timing of the news is significant. Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon face the House Judiciarys antitrust panel today, and although TikTok is not among the companies facing the scrutiny of Congress, its certain to be mentioned during the proceedings. In past appearances, Mark Zuckerberg has pointed to TikTok as an example of competition within the social app space and use the company as a demonstration of why American tech firms need to be free to counter the rise of China. In Zuckerbergs prepared remarks, published yesterday, the Facebook CEO presents the competition between Facebook and its foreign rivals as an ideological battle. We believe in values — democracy, competition, inclusion and free expression — that the American economy was built on, wrote Zuckerberg. Many other tech companies share these values, but theres no guarantee our values will win out. For example, China is building its own version of the internet focused on very different ideas, and they are exporting their vision to other countries. Mayer responds to these comments in his own blog post, saying he wants to focus on fair and open competition rather than deal with the maligning attacks by our competitor – namely Facebook – disguised as patriotism. Facebooks arguments, though, will certainly find a sympathetic ear in Congress. US politicians have been warning about the dangers of TikToks influence for months now, with the Trump administration going so far as to suggest a ban could be in the works. This pressure has put TikTok in a tight spot, and its why the company is opening up its algorithms and moderation policies. It allows the firm to counter claims that it censors content to please the Chinese government, a favorite criticism of US politicians. It also puts the onus for transparency back on Facebook, which has received plenty of flack itself, from both the left and right, for operating its selective moderation policies. Without TikTok, American advertisers would again be left with few choices, Mayer argues in his post. Competition would dry up and so too will an outlet for Americas creative energy... We are willing to take all necessary steps to ensure the long-term availability and success of TikTok.