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162750 TECHCRUNCH 2019-12-8:
Snapchat Cameo edits your face into videos
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162880 ENGADGET 2019-12-8:
Snapchat's Cameo test slips your face into GIFs
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163006 ENGADGET 2019-12-9:
Snapchat Cameos lets you insert your face into a GIF
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162660 ENGADGET 2019-12-5:
Snap teams up with Gucci on limited-edition 3D Spectacles
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163320 ENGADGET 2019-12-11:
Giphy's new video platform is basically GIFs with sound
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163165 TECHCRUNCH 2019-12-11:
Wotch is building a creator-friendly video platform
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162667 ENGADGET 2019-12-5:
YouTube's Rewind 2019 video learns from last year's mistakes
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163176 ENGADGET 2019-12-10:
VSCO buys 360 camera company Rylo to create mobile editing tools
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163164 ENGADGET 2019-12-10:
Facebook's big Portal update adds livestreams and 'Mic Drop' karaoke
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163133 TECHCRUNCH 2019-12-11:
Clideo promises an easy way to make shoppable videos
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163273 TECHCRUNCH 2019-12-11:
Yubo raises $12.3 million for its social app for teens
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170612 VENTUREBEAT 2019-12-10:
Facebook’s Portal now lets you sing on an AR stage
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162466 THEVERGE 2019-12-5:
Harmony Korine teamed up with Gucci and Snapchat to make a (meaningless) short film
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162630 TECHCRUNCH 2019-12-6:
Canva introduces video editing, has big plans for 2020
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162435 THEVERGE 2019-12-5:
Beauty, drama, and Shane Dawson dominated YouTube’s Trending page in 2019
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162413 THENEXTWEB 2019-12-5:
Anyone can make professional YouTube and Twitch videos with this $20 app
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162994 TECHCRUNCH 2019-12-10:
VSCO acquires video editing startup Rylo
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162685 ENGADGET 2019-12-5:
Apple brings Memoji and Animoji to its Clips video creation app
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170650 VENTUREBEAT 2019-12-11:
Facebook, Microsoft, and others launch Deepfake Detection Challenge
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163081 THEVERGE 2019-12-11:
YouTube expands anti-harassment policy to include all creators and public figures
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162459 THEVERGE 2019-12-5:
Imgur launches Melee, a dedicated gaming section trying to rival Twitch Clips
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162487 THENEXTWEB 2019-12-5:
India’s IT minister conflates deepfake with fake news — and that’s naive
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162495 TECHCRUNCH 2019-12-5:
300M-user Imgur launches Melee, a gaming meme app
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162599 THEVERGE 2019-12-6:
The PlayStation 4’s Share button changed the way we play together
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162908 THEVERGE 2019-12-10:
The Away scandal is a moment of reckoning for Slack
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ID: 162750


Date: 2019-12-08

Snapchat Cameo edits your face into videos

Snapchat is preparing to launch a big new feature that uses your selfies to replace the faces of people in videos you can then share. Its essentially a simplified way to Deepfake you into GIFs. Snapchat Cameos are an alternative to Bitmoji for quickly conveying an emotion, reaction, or silly situation in Snapchat messages. Some French users received a test version of the feature today, as spotted by Snap enthusiast @Mtatsis. Snapchat Cameo makes you the star of videosTechCrunch reached out to Snap, which confirmed existence of Cameos, and that the feature is currently testing in limited availability in some international markets. The company provided this statement: Cameos arent ready to take the stage yet, but stay tuned for their global debut soon!@snapologie Cette fonctionnalité viens d'apparaître sur mon Snap ça s'appelle Caméos Vous avez Cameo sur snap ou je suis la seule? Je pleure de rire Cest la meilleure invention que snap est jamais faite #cameo # snapchat How To Make Snapchat CameosWith Cameo, youll take a selfie to teach Snapchat what you look like. Then you choose if you want a vaguely male or female body type (no purposefully androgenous option). Cameo then lives inside the Bitmoji button in the Snapchat messaging keyboard. Snapchat has made a bunch of short looping video clips with sound that you can choose from. Snapchat will then stretch and move your selfie to create different facial reactions that Cameo can apply to actors heads in the videos. You just pick one of these videos that now star you and send it to the chat. Cameo could help Snapchat keep messaging interesting, which is critical since that remains its most popular and differentiated feature. With Instagram and WhatsApp having copied its Stories to great success, it must stay ahead in chat. Though in this case, Snap could be accused of copying Chinese social app Zao which let users more realistically Deepfake their faces into videos. Then again, JibJab popularized this kind of effect many years ago to stick your face on dancing Christmas elves. Snap is only starting to monetize the messaging wing of its app with ads inside social games. Snap might potentially sell sponsored, branded Cameo clips to advertisers similar to how the company offers sponsored augmented reality lenses. Cameo could put a more fun spin on technology for grafting faces into videos. Deepfakes can be used as powerful weapons of misinformation or abuse. But by offering only innocuous clips rather than statements from politicians or pornography, Snapchat could turn the tech into a comedic medium. [Image Credit: Jeff Higgins]