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182360 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-5-19:
Microsoft Build 2020: Microsoft launches Project Reunion to unify Win32 and UWP apps
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182291 VENTUREBEAT 2020-5-19:
Microsoft’s Project Reunion bridges Win32 and UWP divide, again
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182315 VENTUREBEAT 2020-5-19:
Microsoft launches Windows Terminal 1.0, unveils GPU support and Linux GUI apps in WSL
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182377 THENEXTWEB 2020-5-20:
All the cool Windows 10 features Microsoft announced at its Build conference
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182294 VENTUREBEAT 2020-5-19:
Microsoft debuts Windows Package Manager for your dev environment
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182252 ARSTECHNICA 2020-5-21:
Microsoft’s romance with open source software is on display at Build 2020
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182336 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-5-19:
Microsoft Build 2020: Teams gets more versatile, and Fluid Framework goes open source
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182307 VENTUREBEAT 2020-5-19:
Microsoft gives business developers new tools to build Teams apps
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182373 THENEXTWEB 2020-5-19:
Microsoft’s new PowerToys Run launcher is like macOS’s Spotlight for Windows 10
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182261 VENTUREBEAT 2020-5-19:
How to watch Microsoft’s Build 2020 stream with 100,000 attendees
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182295 THENEXTWEB 2020-5-19:
This CSS library makes it easy to design Windows XP-inspired UIs
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181466 THEVERGE 2020-5-18:
Microsoft: we were wrong about open source
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182311 VENTUREBEAT 2020-5-19:
Microsoft’s Chromium Edge is getting Pinterest suggestions, sidebar search, and business features
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182370 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-5-20:
How to use Windows 10 PowerToys Run to open applications, folders, and files
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182339 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-5-19:
The evolving Microsoft 365 development platform: Microsoft Lists and open-source Fluid Framework
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182329 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-5-19:
How to customize the Microsoft Teams app bar
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181483 THENEXTWEB 2020-5-18:
IBM’s new open-source tool helps developers make their apps more accessible
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181476 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-5-18:
Desktop Linux: Why open source is heading for a new breakthrough
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182354 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-5-19:
Fastly's new developer hub specializes in meeting your edge computing needs
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182362 THENEXTWEB 2020-5-19:
Microsoft just built ‘one of the top five most powerful’ supercomputers on the planet
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182248 VENTUREBEAT 2020-5-21:
RapidAPI raises $25 million to grow its API marketplace
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181485 TECHREPUBLIC 2020-5-18:
How to blur and change your background in Microsoft Teams
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181592 VENTUREBEAT 2020-5-18:
Nreal Light AR glasses add multi-user shared spaces and WebXR support
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182297 THENEXTWEB 2020-5-19:
Microsoft is releasing a preview of its Azure Quantum computing platform
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182324 VENTUREBEAT 2020-5-19:
Microsoft acquires RPA startup Softomotive to bolster Power Automate
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ID: 182360


Date: 2020-05-19

Microsoft Build 2020: Microsoft launches Project Reunion to unify Win32 and UWP apps

Microsoft has unveiled a new effort to try to reduce the fragmentation surrounding its two Windows app platforms. Launched at its Build 2020 virtual conference, the initiative now known as Project Reunion will give developers a single platform for creating Windows applications. As described by Microsoft, Project Reunion "unifies the Windows platform and decouples it from the OS, allowing developers to easily integrate across Win32 and UWP APIs." Microsoft initially designed its Universal Windows Platform as a path for developers to create apps that would work on PCs, tablets, and phones alike. But the platform failed to attract much excitement from the developer community at the same time that Microsoft's Windows Phone system faded away. Instead, developers continued to focus on designing traditional desktop, or Win32, applications for Windows. That left Microsoft with little option but to find a way to unify the two platforms, a move that will likely push UWP aside. Microsoft is promising that Project Reunion will evolve the Windows developer platform in a way that will make it more agile, modern, and open. Office 365: A guide for tech and business leaders (free PDF).   (TechRepublic). "The effort will streamline how developers modernize existing apps and create new ones by reducing fragmentation between the Windows API and Universal Windows Platform," Microsoft said. "It will provide a common, backward-compatible platform for existing code and for the latest client platform innovations." Stefan Stefanov, senior manager for product management at development firm Progress, sees the move as a win for developers. "We've said for a while that these are exciting times for desktop developers," Stefanov said. "Project Reunion further validates this as it allows developers to build one Windows application that will run on all Windows 10 devices. What's more, the Fluent Design pattern allows developers to create a modern look and feel out of the box, and incorporate native Windows 10 features in both Win32 and UWP apps. There were already great options for desktop developers with WPF and WinForms— Project Reunion expands that world. " Microsoft also announced other developer-related news at Build 2020. The company is beefing up its Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), which allows users to run certain Linux features alongside traditional Windows applications. WSL will soon add support for graphics processing unit (GPU) compute workflows. This enhancement will allow Linux tools to take advantage of GPUs to use hardware acceleration for certain types of development such as parallel computation, training machine learning, and artificial intelligence models. WSL is also getting support for graphical user interface (GUI) apps. This means users will be able to open a WSL instance and run a Linux GUI app directly without need for a third-party server. Further, WSL will support a simpler way to install Linux apps on Windows through the command "wsl.exe –install." At this year's Build, Microsoft announced several other items of interest to developers. Finally, Windows Terminal 1.0 is now officially out of preview mode and available for enterprise use. Windows Terminal offers a terminal application for users of command-line tools and shells such as Command Prompt, PowerShell, and WSL. Built with multiple tabs, panes, Unicode and UTF-8 character support, a GPU-accelerated text rendering engine, and custom themes and configurations, Windows Terminal is an open-source project available from the Microsoft Store. Be your company's Microsoft insider by reading these Windows and Office tips, tricks, and cheat sheets. Delivered Mondays and Wednesdays