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162867 THEVERGE 2019-12-9:
The Oculus Quest is getting controller-free hand tracking this week
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163020 ENGADGET 2019-12-9:
Oculus Quest hand tracking is available as an experimental feature
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162830 ARSTECHNICA 2019-12-9:
Surprise! Oculus Quest becomes first VR set with native hand tracking—this week
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Oculus Link beta is ready to turn your Quest into a PC VR headset
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Oculus is rolling out its expanded social VR features
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Gift Guide: VR gear you won’t feel stupid for buying
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Facebook wants to use your Oculus data for ads because of course it does
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162638 THEVERGE 2019-12-6:
Adobe is buying the Oculus Medium VR sculpting app
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Facebook sells off Oculus Medium to Adobe
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'Twin Peaks VR' trailer offers a dive into David Lynch's mind
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Firefox makes it easier to send links between VR and desktop
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The Verge Video Game Gift Guide 2019
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Valve says Half-Life Alyx will be a ‘one-way journey’ you’ll play for hours at a time in VR
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Geozilla gives you a way to track your kids or pets
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MindAffect wants to let us control devices with our minds
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The fight over encrypted messaging is just beginning
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Boneworks review: An absolute VR mess—yet somehow momentous
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Build (and destroy) your own levels in ‘Angry Birds VR’
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Magic Leap shifts focus to business with an updated AR headset
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Microsoft to kill off Wunderlist in favor of To Do in May 2020
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iOS 13.3 arrives with full support for physical security keys
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Magic Leap is renaming its AR headset to attract business customers
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The Morning After: Spotify wrapped up 2019's music
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PlayStation at 25: a visual history
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This $21 controller is a perfect gift for your favorite gamer
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ID: 162867


Date: 2019-12-09

The Oculus Quest is getting controller-free hand tracking this week

Oculus is rolling out native hand tracking to the Quest, its standalone virtual reality headset, starting this week. Previously expected to arrive sometime in 2020, hand tracking will be available as an experimental feature in software version v12 in the coming days. Once this update is installed, you can turn on hand tracking in the Experimental Features menu. Then, you can switch between Touch controllers and hand tracking with a toggle switch in the Oculus Home menu. Before you get too excited, there wont be much support for hand tracking at launch. Oculus notes that the headsets Library and Store interfaces and the Oculus Browser and Oculus TV apps will work, but thats it for now. It plans to release the developer toolset for hand tracking to app makers next week, so hopefully it wont take too long for support to pick up on current apps and games and upcoming ones down the line. Related Despite this, moving forward with hand tracking is a big deal. Thus far, in order to incorporate your hands in VR, Oculus and other headset makers have relied on controllers, each with their own confusing button layout and sometimes requiring external cameras and tracking devices to track your hand movements in the virtual space. Oculus is able to incorporate your hands in VR on the Quest without needing anything but the Touch controllers, thanks to the headsets inside-out tracking a system, a set of built-in cameras and sensors that identify where your body and hands are in a virtual space in relationship to the headset. According to a Facebook blog post from September, Oculus is also able to now reliably track hands without the controllers using the same set of hardware, thanks to new techniques in deep learning and model-based tracking. Effectively, Oculus is saying it no longer needs the Touch controllers to perform hand tracking, and, in fact, it can even perform more precise and realistic tracking of your individual finger moments by letting you just use your hands as you normally would. Pushing this feature out now opens the door for the next wave of games and apps that support hand and fine-tuned finger gestures. But more important for Oculus, it should give the company a running start against competing VR platforms that still rely on controllers, like Valves new high-end Index headset and HTCs family of Vive devices.