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116630 THEVERGE 2019-1-10:
Ford’s on-demand bus service Chariot is going out of business
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116857 ENGADGET 2019-1-11:
Ford’s Chariot shuttle service will shut down in March
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116558 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-10:
Ford is shutting down its Chariot shuttle service
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115866 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-7:
Torc Robotics and Transdev are launching autonomous shuttles to deliver people to public transit
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115857 VENTUREBEAT 2019-1-7:
Mobileye partners with Ordnance Survey to build precise database of U.K. roads
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116902 THENEXTWEB 2019-1-12:
Uber’s 3 grand ambitions and what they mean for us regular folks
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115680 ARSTECHNICA 2019-1-7:
Frontier letting its phone network fall apart, state investigation finds
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116135 VENTUREBEAT 2019-1-8:
Warren Equity Announces Acquisition of M&D Distributors
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116912 ENGADGET 2019-1-12:
Lime halts service in Switzerland over possibly dangerous glitch
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116147 TECHREPUBLIC 2019-1-8:
CES 2019: Intel's Mobileye to help businesses tap smart city data, 5G
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117038 VENTUREBEAT 2019-1-14:
StreetLight Data can now help cities measure bicycle and foot traffic
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116604 THEVERGE 2019-1-10:
Lincoln is integrating Tidal’s high-end streaming service into its new cars
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116352 ARSTECHNICA 2019-1-9:
Walmart trials new self-driving delivery service in Arizona
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117108 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-14:
Ford is making a hybrid Explorer SUV
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116230 ENGADGET 2019-1-8:
Inside the Mercedes concept that's part taxi, part delivery van
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116142 ENGADGET 2019-1-8:
Here's ride-hailing app focuses on shared rides
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117058 VENTUREBEAT 2019-1-14:
ShareRing launches blockchain-powered car sharing on top of existing rental services
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116184 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-8:
Mobileye is using its sensors to create detailed maps of the UK
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116252 VENTUREBEAT 2019-1-9:
As Brexit looms, TransferWise seeks EU payments license in Brussels
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116227 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-8:
Bowery Valuation raises $12 million more to automate the real estate appraisal process
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116328 VENTUREBEAT 2019-1-9:
ClearMotion raises $115 million for ‘digital chassis’ that makes car rides smoother
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117086 THEVERGE 2019-1-14:
Uber adds a ‘clean air fee’ in London to help drivers upgrade to electric cars
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115706 VENTUREBEAT 2019-1-7:
Ford and Qualcomm deploying emergency warning technology starting in 2022
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115641 VENTUREBEAT 2019-1-7:
Here launches SoMo, a social transport app for planning and sharing rides
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115665 THEVERGE 2019-1-7:
Bell’s hybrid-electric flying car will be available via Uber by the ‘mid-2020s’
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ID: 116630


Date: 2019-01-10

Ford’s on-demand bus service Chariot is going out of business

Chariot, the microtransit service owned by Ford, is going out of business. According to a companywide email obtained by the San Francisco Examiner, the on-demand bus service will cease operation February 1st. A spokesperson for the company confirmed the news to The Verge. Dan Grossman, CEO of Chariot, said in a statement: In todays mobility landscape, the wants and needs of customers and cities are changing rapidly. As those changes continue, it has become clear that the mobility services delivered by Chariot over the past five years will not be a sustainable solution going forward. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause Chariots riders and our enterprise customers. We are committed to ensuring our customers are aware of the decision and have time to make alternative transportation arrangements. Chariot first launched in San Francisco in 2014 as part of a spate of bus startups that used algorithms to develop transit routes based on user demand. Using the app, customers could book a seat in one of the companys blue-and-white shuttle vans for around $4 a trip. It was billed as a cheaper, if slightly less convenient, alternative to ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft. The company sold to Ford in 2016 for $65 million, after which it expanded into new markets such as Austin, Texas, New York City, and the UK. In 2017, Chariot featured prominently in Fords presentations at both CES and the Detroit Auto Show. Then-CEO Mark Fields said Ford would increasingly address the transportation needs of customers in a variety of ways, and that Chariot was a key component of putting that strategy into practice. According to the Examiner, Chariot employed around 385 people in San Francisco, and about 625 employees throughout the US. The company has operations in Austin, Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles, among other cities. But private microtransit was never an easy sell, especially with the ubiquity of ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft. And Chariots closure is the latest in a string of failures. Bridj, another on-demand bus service supported by Ford, went belly up in May 2017 after failing to close a deal with an unnamed car company. Chariot had been struggling for a while, especially in New York City, according to data viewed by Streetsblog. Many of the vans, it seemed, were driving around mostly empty: Even on its best-performing weeks, Chariots fleet of 25 or so vans only serves around 1,000 riders total, or about nine riders per vehicle per day. The overall average is much lower — just five riders per vehicle per day. The service has routes, including a Greenpoint-DUMBO run and a Williamsburg-Midtown route. Ford remains bullish about its mobility investments. (A spokesperson for the automaker declined comment.) Last month, the company acquired Spin, an electric scooter sharing service.