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116598 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-10:
OneLogin snares $100M investment to expand identity solution into new markets
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116559 VENTUREBEAT 2019-1-10:
OneLogin raises $100 million to help enterprises manage access and identity
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116227 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-8:
Bowery Valuation raises $12 million more to automate the real estate appraisal process
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116794 VENTUREBEAT 2019-1-11:
Breakdown of biggest VC raises in Midwestern states in 2018
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116566 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-10:
PeakSpan Capital just closed on $265 million more to fund business software companies
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116609 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-10:
Mr Jeff bags $12M Series A to replace trips to the laundromat
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Plaid snags Quovo to build full-service financial API offering
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Mayfield gets a new partner as it celebrates 50 years in the business
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116623 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-9:
Banking startup N26 raises $300 million at $2.7 billion valuation
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115794 VENTUREBEAT 2019-1-7:
10X Genomics raises $35 million for cell sequencing
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116586 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-10:
Emeritus, which develops online courses with universities, raises $40M
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115988 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-8:
Matrix India announces new $300M fund
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116046 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-8:
Report: Self-driving car startup Aurora is raising capital at a $2B valuation
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116511 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-10:
Postmates lines up another $100M ahead of IPO
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117110 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-14:
Open Bionics closes $5.9M Series A for its affordable and cool bionic limbs
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116531 VENTUREBEAT 2019-1-9:
European mobile banking startup N26 raises $300 million for belated U.S. launch
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Computer vision startup AnyVision pulls in new funding from Lightspeed
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117036 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-14:
Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures targets $350M for new funds
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116553 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-10:
The pre-seed diligence framework
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116018 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-8:
Managed by Q ends 2018 with a fresh $25 million in funding
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116731 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-11:
WeWork gets into the food business, backing the superfood startup of big wave surfer Laird Hamilton
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Startups Weekly: Will Trump ruin the unicorn IPOs of our dreams?
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The state of seed
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116790 VENTUREBEAT 2019-1-11:
CrowdAnalytix raises $40 million for crowdsourced AI algorithms
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116986 TECHCRUNCH 2019-1-14:
Self-driving car startup Zoox gets a new CEO
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ID: 116598


Date: 2019-01-10

OneLogin snares $100M investment to expand identity solution into new markets

OneLogin is not a young startup by any means. The identity access management company was founded in 2009 and has watched while companies like Ping Identity, Duo Security and Okta had tidy exits. But as CEOs are fond of pointing out, the total addressable market is large and where investors see a chance, they take it. Today, the company announced a $100 million investment. The latest round was led by new investors Greenspring Associates and Silver Lake Waterman, the late-stage investing arm of Silver Lake. Existing investors CRV and Scale Venture Partners also contributed to the round. Todays investment brings the total raised since inception to more than $170 million, according to the company. It is referring to this as a growth round, but indicated that actually means Series D plus flexible capital. Whatever you call it, it would appear to give OneLogin some runway to grow large enough to find a way to exit. CEO Brad Brooks says his company is well-positioned to compete with the likes of Okta and Microsoft in this market by offering a multi-faceted authentication solution that works both on-prem and in the cloud. He swept aside questions of revenue, valuation or IPO plans, only indicating that the company was growing and they had big expansion plans. Photo: OneLoginThat would include building on its success in Europe, while expanding to Asia and creating more specific solutions in the U.S., such as focusing on FedRamp federal government compliance. The company currently has more than 260 employees, and with the new money, Brooks wants to put the pedal to the metal. He plans to double that number in the next 18 months, as he fuels that expansion plan, bringing in new engineers along with sales, marketing and support. He wouldnt rule out acquisitions to expand the companys capabilities, but said his preference is building in-house over buying. He believes that building provides an internal goal of innovation and offers the kind of challenges that attract engineering talent. Brooks came on board in 2017, replacing co-founder Thomas Pedersen, who moved into the role of chairman of the board and chief technology Officer. Its most recent round prior to today was a $22.5 million Series C last June.