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Instacart launches grocery pickup service in cities across the US

Instacart just announced that its new grocery pickup service will launch in cities across the United States. The new pickup option works alongside Instacarts delivery service, which supports many of the same supermarkets. Any viable grocery delivery / pickup service needs a wide variety of retailers to source from. Instacart has different buying options that include both pickup and delivery to keep customers interested and to stay competitive against the likes of Amazons grocery stores, Prime Fresh, or even DoorDash. Instacarts grocery pickup service is working with more than 200 retailers, including a number of recognizable outlets like Wegmans, Aldi, Cub Foods, Food Lion, Price Chopper, Publix, Schnucks, Smart & Final, Sprouts, and Tops Friendly Markets. Participating stores are located in major cities like Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Nashville, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. Once you download the app, you can search and buy your desired goods, select the Instacart Pickup option, and then pick them up. If youre not keen on picking up groceries yourself (and you dont mind spending more money), Instacarts delivery service is more accessible, spanning more than 70 percent of US households, with over 300 retailers in all 50 states. Pricing for the delivery service is pretty straightforward: service is free for Instacarts Express members, while non-members will incur a cost relative to their location, time of day, or retail partner.

Instacart launches its pickup grocery service across the U.S.

Instacart  announced that its launching its new pickup grocery service across the U.S. The San Francisco-based company has been trialing a pickup service since at least June and has been slowly expanding the service to more outlets and locations in the intervening months. Founded in 2012, Instacart has traditionally partnered with local stores to offer same-day deliveries on thousands of grocery products. The company has raised around $1.6 billion in funding, including $200 million and a follow-on $600 million tranche in 2018 alone. Though it has largely kept operations in the U.S. since its inception, it recently expanded to Canada, where it said it now serves 50 percent of Canadian households. With Instacart Pickup, the company is adding another option for consumers, who can now choose to save on the delivery fee if theyre willing to drive to the store and collect their pre-picked groceries themselves. Instacart PickupDuring the trial phase, Instacart has been soliciting feedback from retailers and consumers, and it is already working with a number of outlets — including Wegmans, ALDI, Cub Foods, Food Lion, Price Chopper, Publix, Schnucks, Smart & Final, Sprouts, and Tops Friendly Markets — in 25 locales around Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Nashville, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Our customers want choice, and were excited to now offer the pickup option theyve been asking for, said Instacarts chief business officer, Nilam Ganenthiran. For families that are out and about and running errands, a pickup solution might be a better fit for their family rhythm. Todays launch comes amidst heightened competition in the same-day delivery realm.  DoorDash has raised around $800 million in funding this year, and it recently launched a new grocery pickup option, in addition to a $10 monthly subscription for free deliveries. Last week, Google joined a $40 million investment in Deliv, which also offers a same-day delivery platform.